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aslamualaikum i have 1 child who is 1 year old during my first pregnancy my husband did'nt treated me well my whole pregnancy was in stress now that my child was 1 year old i wanted another child i got pregnant and again my husband behaior was worst with me i idont know if it was due that my health was very bad i could'nt get up from bed or move i had no1 who could take care off me i told my husband to let me go to my country so there i have family who will look after me he did'nt let me go and my condition was here that i could'nt even eat i used to be sleep for 16 hours a day than it was not in my control becuz i was so weak that i could'nt even stand up my apointment to docter was quite late and i was 11 weeks pregnant so i had an abortion i dont know what happend to me i did'nt even think about anything now i cry everyday for the sin i did i told my husband i had misscariage is there any prayer for the sin i did how allah will forgive me ?? please reply fast

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The European Council for Fatwa and Research, issued the following fatwa: Indeed, abortion is forbidden in Islam whether it be in the earlier stages of pregnancy or otherwise. The extent of sin incurred varies according to the stage of pregnancy, so that less sin would be incurred if the abortion took place during the early stages, while it becomes increasingly haram (unlawful) as the pregnancy advances. When the pregnancy reaches 120 days old, abortion becomes totally forbidden and is deemed a form of murder that results in compensation becoming liable. This compensation is equal in value to 213 grams of gold, and it is given to the heir who did not participate in the abortion (i.e., brother/sister or grandparent(s), etc., according to the laws of inheritance).

However, the only condition under which abortion is allowed is when there is an actual threat to the life of the mother confirmed by an official medical report that if the pregnancy advances any further, the mother may die.

Given the above, since the abortion was done in the case in hand before the fetus was 120 days old, then no compensation is liable. However, it remains a sin, which one should ask forgiveness for and promise never to commit again. If the mother wishes to give in charity besides all this, then that is even better. Allah Almighty says in the Qur'an: (Verily, the good deeds omit the bad deeds… ) (Yunus 10: 114)

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belove sister this site will help you with your dua

thanks please sister do remember me,my family and every ,uslim in your dua. assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah

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