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Dear sir, I am a Hindu, Brahman. I am the only son to my parents, the only support to them. I loved a Muslim girl(Wahhabi). We were in a relationship for almost two years. We had a bit sex with each other but I had no knowledge of anything about Islam at that time. Due to some problems my mother informed her parents about our relationship and we broke up. I started reading Quran to find out the reason. On reading Quran I started to love Islam, Allah(SWT) and Mohammed(PBUH) and I thought to convert. I had no one but my ex gf to teach me Islam because I live in a small town and I can't go to mosque. I tried to talk to her after 5 months but she didn't talk. I declared that I want to be Muslim because I loved Allah(SWT) and I loved Mohammed(PBUH) and also I loved her. I felt guilt after knowing that I committed sin due to having premarital sex with a muslim without being a Muslim. I respect her and Allah so I asked Allah to forgive me. I also decided to not let the girl live in guilt and I will marry her after I converted. Even after I told her that I want to convert and I believe in Allah.....please teach me Islam she did not reply. Kindly suggest me what to do keeping in mind that I am the only support to my parents and I love Allah and I am sorry and want to marry her as a part of my sincerity and repentance. I don't know how will I face my parents if I convert and I am not even sure if her parents will accept me who will have no muslim family?? Will they even allow me to marry her even if I converted?? Even if I don't marry her how will I face my parents?? What will happen to them after I converted?? How will I convince her parents to let me marry her after conversion??? If I couln't marry her she will live in guilt....and I can't fulfil my repentance.....Please help me keeping everything above in mind....along with my family.....

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okie, simple try to talk to your parent when they are calm, convect to islam if your deed love Allah and his messenger but if u already convect to islam then seek forgiveness from Allah and make a dua for your problem to be solved.try to talk the girl properly and tell her that you love her and respect her parent too. try to show to them your best side...... and tell your parent that you are their only child tell them " mom,dad I am only child please let me choose a girl for my self, mom and dad I do love you both and I want for myself and you both to have a great family " say something's like this, you don't need be shy if you think the way you going to choose it will be good for you and your family.

brother if you need help converting to islam please let me know or at the top click the community site and email me by typing my name.


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I am totally new to this site. I tried to register the community site bit its not going through. please e-mail me at and help me. I will be grateful to you and Allah. I will make a dua for you and your family.

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Assalaam Walekum my dear sister. I tried to register in the community site but its not going through. Will you please help me by sending me an email from your id.

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