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Asslam o alekum. I was married 1.5 years ago with my parents consent. Since then ive heard my mother talking against my inlaws. This thing made me tensed even before marriage (i was nikahofied 4 months before rukhsati) . Even at minor issues my mom got so angry. My husband is Alhamdulilah a good person. He treats me good . My mother interfered in many matters of us many times resulting in me getting tensed and i couldnot share with mu hubby. From day one she thought negative about my inlaws and always compared me with others. Not enough she makes fun of my husbands complexion and calls him black in front of others. she oftens asked my hubby to do her deeds like submitting tax,getting receipts from offices,dropping my sisters to bus terminal .but a very minor fault from our side resulted in getting myself scolded by my mom like your husband os miser,he is so clever,he is biggest idiot,he is ugly,he is poor etc.But the truth is im happy with him .he cares for me and fulfils all my rights.Many times my mom said that i prefer him over my i was so irritated that i started defending him before my mom and grand mother asked me that she wants my delivery at her place but my hisband said he will take care of me and he doesnot want his baby to be away from i went to mom and told her.but they behaved so badly with me.they abused me and my husband in front of me. After my delivery my mom asked me to stay at her home and do a job husband said he doesnot want me and baby to be away.Again we had an issueat home because of mother in law. She dint let me go to mymom when i was departing. I told my mom and she was lke leave them that he is coward,he dint speakbefore his momand start job here.i fought with my dear husband cause of mymom and my mother in law.i cant leave him becausei lovehim.Now im very tensed becUse of my mom and mother in even abused myhusband before me manytimes.even she called him and scolded him, he just asked her to stay away , this made her annoed and she started making plans toinsult my mother in law and husband tthrough me. I talked to her politelybutshe dint what does islam says about husband says both my mom and his mom are respectable so we should listen to them. Im afraid this eid i would go tothem what would my mother and grandma do bad with us or ifthey insult him because this time she says he is coward he cant stNd against his mom.and she wouldnot respect my inlaws and husband now. What should i do accordi g to islam..

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Sorry to say, may Allah guide all. Your mother seems to be an evil person. Husband wife relation may not be forever but relation with parents is unique and never ending. Firstly, you and your hubby should be aware of these situations, and you both get so close and protect each other that accept no word of evil characters against your spouse and same for your hubby. If evil characters will be able to apart you two then for sure your children will loose much of teaching/parent efforts. Silence is a very strong tool, as you see your hubby a good character and your mother evil character, follow your hubby and just listen to your mother but do not follow her, keep quiet. Your in-laws may get angry on many matter but let them do that because this is natural and started from your mother, your in-laws may think to apart you two so be close to your hubby and let him feel that you are the closest one to him NOT BY TONGUE BUT BY ACTS AND SERVING/RESPONDING to him in every aspect. ....... And the best protection is that you two sit together and dua TOGETHER to Allah, do worship TOGETHER to Allah ....... if you do not understand this technique then please do not blow your mind over result BUT JUST PRACTICE IT!

Other then all, what must is that. You fear Allah, be pious to him and ASK him for guidance and forgiveness for the past, same for your hubby. Every Muslim must have believe on this medicine, healing/retrival/survival and reward is must but possibly you may not recognize it but it is there. And the sign that you are on the right path is that your interest will develop with Allah and time by time it will increase and will become over top priority!, second sign is that evil will keep attacking you and it is because it does not want your success anyway ................. everything is possible, you may loose your husband but never loose hope for good, loosing husband won't be a big matter if and only if you are strongly connected to Allah ............. because he is none other then your creator! and the holder of all of the power! ............ providing you better hubby, protecting your loved hubby or whatever! everything is possible and he has the power the ability for every possibility!


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Thankyou...i cant think of finding another husband because mAshAllah he is good.may Allah keep us together always

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