Im married for 1.5 years ago with parents huband is mA a good person .but problem is my mom is always against him and inlaws for unknown reasons.she has misconceptions about them at the same times she asked my husband for many of her deeds and he did happily . But alwYs she scolded me for my husband sYing he is greedy ,keep him in limits,does he give you enough money and even making comments on his physical appearance like black ugly etc. She alwYs thought i prefer her husband over her and always alwYs made issues before me. I never disrespected my mom but when she says so it hurts. I then startex defending my hubby before her ,this made her more annoyed. And she is always sweet before him sometimes taunts indirectly. Even many times my mother and grandmother made my life hell for not speaking against him. She even asked me to do a job staying at her home leavingmy husband in other city alone. I refused. This time my mother in law made issues on me going to my moms place.this made me annoyed and i told mom. She asked me to leave them .i thought but i stayed with started abusing my hubby before mee and even said she will never respect him now nor his parentz.i talked to her politely but she misbehaved .she said im giving him more importance than his worth and he is coward etc. I get tensed because of her , i fight with hubby cz of her .but she is my mother ,im never hPpy when she is me what to do.what does islam says about it. Ps my dad is so irresponsible mom worked so hard to make us stand at our one can advice her.sshe thinks too negTive and grandm supports hernegtive thoughts.

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