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Salam...hey everyone my name is marieli and I was raised Christian/catholic but when I turn 23 I realized that the bible contradicts it self to many times and made me not believe in it. Right now im what people call agnostic, which is a person that believes in god but not specifically Jesus Crist. I'm just here trying to seek knowledge. If anyone can tell me a book that explains Islam or if they make the Koran in English I would greatly appreciated. I'm just trying to understand the different religions

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HadakAllah. Go to these sites and you will find more than explanation on Islam
Find english quran and hadiths that can help you understand Islam here and whatever you do, don't believe everything you can find using google search. Many people try to confuse other muslims and non-muslims using their posts. If you want to know more, kindly find an imam or shaykh(islamic scholar) in your area who might be able to explain Islam to you. May Allah show you the true path and make you a muslim.

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Thank you guys so much. That was very helpful and hopefully ill find the answer I'm seeking. As-salam alaykum

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here's the university of michigan's online koran

i think has a online koran.

if you are in america you can get a koran, "the message of the koran, translated and explained by muhammad asad from CAIR. it's a hardcover with english, footnotes, arabic and translated arabic. or call 800-why-islam and they'll send you a bunch of pamphlets and a papaerback.

warning if you ask a local sheikh or iman don't start with any questions about contradictions. like why in one hadith muhammad forbids the cutting down of trees and then

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in another he orders trees to be cut down. i thing that was a battle with the banu nadir? don't ask why he says not to kill women and children then when asked about killing women and children of the polythiest in night raids he says it's ok? if you do they will call you ignorant and ask you to leave.

also, remember the god of the bible is the same god of the koran. just not the paulinian doctrine of the trinity or that jesus was crucified and rose from the dead. in islam one of jesus's followers was made to look like him and he died on the cross. unless you stumble across and ahmadi.

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Abul rauf thankx that was extremely helpful

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no problem. my name is mike though. it's a long story. everyone should read the koran and sunnah. goodluck to ya.

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Here are Islamic books link

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