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Hello muslim brothers and sisters, I really want to know how can one correct his or her prayer when make a mistake in his prayer... Plz really I need ur help...

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1 Identify the factors that distracts you in prayers, then try to eliminate them. For example, if you are always distracted by the noise outside of your house, go to the nearest Masjid (mosque) instead of praying in your own home. 2 Learn the meaning of prayer. Try to find out what the exact meaning of the words that you are reciting. Think the meaning as you recite the verses. This will definitely keep your mind on your prayer. What you are saying won't just be a bunch of Arabic words anymore; it'll have meaning to it. 3 Try your best to pray together with other Muslims. In Islam, this is known as jama'ah. You will ultimately feel a sense of togetherness. You might also want to have your prayer done at your local Masjid (mosque). There would normally be some brothers of Muslims in the Masjid (mosque). Offer to shake your hands to them or even start a new conversation with them. 4 Learn to perform your prayer according to the sunnah of our blessed prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). 5 Give your mind a break for a few minutes. Take a time out from this world and relax. Capture calmness in your mind. Prepare the mind by thinking about your salat. 6 Relieve yourself from your mental stresses. 7 Put on good clothing. 8 Plan what Surahs and Du'ahs you are going to recite. 9 Intend that you are praying to Allah Almighty and only for His sake. Focus on the nature of the prayer you are making. The clearer you are in your intention, the better your attention and concentration will be.

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During the Prayer

1 Instill discipline in yourself. Stand upright with a softened heart. Think of your prayer as your last prayer, as how one hadeeth says. Believe that Allah is by your side. Be as quiet and still as possible and try not to fidget. Keep your eyes open and look down straight to where your head will be when you prostrate (sudjood) 2 Don't pray hastily. Perform every part of your prayer with care and in a relaxed manner, as what one hadeeth would say, "Hastiness is from satan." 3 Remember that you are meeting with nobody but Allah! 4 Pay attention to the recitation. 5 Adopt your own way of reciting softly without disturbing others. 6 Bring the mind back when ever you feel that it's lost. Recite Ata'uz (Refuge to Allah from Satan):

A'udhubillahiminash shaitaan nirrajim. After The Prayer

1 Do not rush away after the prayer. Sit for a while for evaluation, Dhikr and Du'ah. Evaluate whether the prayer has softened your heart. 2 Implore Allah earnestly to accept your prayers. Recite:

Allahumma a 'inni 'ala dhikrika wa shukrika wa husn 'ibadatika "O Allah, help me in remembering You, in thanking You and in worshipping You in the best way."

3 Recite Dhikr as prescribed by the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) Allahumma antas salamu wa minkas salamu wa ilaika yarji'us salam. Haiyina Rabbana bis salami tabarakta ya dhal dhalaali wal ikram Subhanallah "Exalted is Allah" (33 times), Alhamdullilah "Praise to God" (33 times), Allahu Akbar "God is the Greatest" (34 times) 4 Seek refuge from hell fire, especially after Fajr and Maghrib, 5 Say your peace to the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), 6 Du'ah as you need. Outside the Prayer

1 Don’t treat prayer as an isolated act of worship, but part of your lifestyle. Keep in mind that your life in general has an effect on prayer (and vice versa). 2 Keep your lifestyle pure and clean. Eating non-halal food, earning unlawful income, and committing sins take away the joy and concentration in prayer. 3 Begin to schedule your work according to prayers. Let your employers or boss know that you need a few minutes break for prayers and a longer break on Friday noon (for Muslim brothers). Avoid night shift duty, if possible. 4 Try to go to bed early so that you do not miss your morning prayer. 5 Too much engagement in worldly affairs hinders the mind to be attentive inside the prayers. ...surely by Allah's remembrance are the hearts set at rest. (Quran 18: 28) Avoid activities that divert your attention (e.g. too much gossip, TV, music etc), as mentioned in Surah Al-mu'minun

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I will also say read/Learn the Surat properly because sometime we think that we had learn properly even we haven't try to sit with someone and recite your prayer to them.... Try notto rush your prayer

Salam remember me,my family and every muslim in ur dua. Thanks

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