I have a secret admirer who is a very wealthy business man. He tells people I'm his wife but then gets with the prettiest American whores on my jobs he can find who are my coworkers. Then they think they are his mistresses and harrass me for him. I'm not at all ugly but I need to lose just 30 lbs because I have an endocrine disorder that was just diagnosed by a specialist. Why is this man so cruel? Since he despises me so much why doesnt he just marry one of his whores? Is this a sick joke? Did he lose a bet? Is somebody paying him? More than anything I want a family and to be a good wife to a man of Allah with a good heaet. He said he wants to be my imam and pray with me but I cant get past the hurt so I just want him to go away. I'm abstinate 7 yrs now waiting for the man of my dreams but all I got was this horrific nightmare. I was even making straight A's in a CNA class so I could work at a local childrens hospital but then something very bad happened to a kid related to one of my classmates so I had to drop that, too. Please help if only to pray. Praise be to Allah I am surviving but my heart longs to live life outloud and I want to enjoy life, too. This isnt fair. I need a best friend faithful lover soulmate husband wto love wholeheardly.

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