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Salaamu alaykum. My fiance said his friends got beautiful wives but he got somebody's grandma because I'm 30 lbs too much but I still look good. I'm not that bad but he wants perfectly beautiful. How can I get out of this horror? Please, what should I do to make him leave me alone and break this off?

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Salam, Sorry I don't know if you ur sister or brother. Let me tell you being beautiful doesn't mean you have to have big eyes,big cheek, face full of make up and etc.... Being beautiful is about your manner and what is inside your heart this also link to self-esteem too, being beauitful is treating everyone the same, loving them all the same, trying to get closes to Allah as much as you can, making your faith stronger and etc......

Brother or sister don't worry about how you look because you are still beauitful to Allah like however you look. Salam remember me,my famil and every muslim in ur dua. Thanks

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The question asker is a female.

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A woman's beauty is only for her husband. If the man doesn't find you pretty, he is not worthy of being your husband in future. This is my opinion.

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