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He tells me I have to pray yet my whole life is one constant prayer from the heart. He tells me mahe zakat after he destroyed my career in nursing and ran me off offrom my jobs so that I have to ask for assistance. He envys his friend's for thier beautiful wives but wont even take a walk in the park or take me anywhere so he doesnt have to be seen with me even though I'm beautifully friendly to all. He hates mme out of obligation yet I told him go and be free. If it must come down to a fight to the death why doesnt he just leave me alonne and go in peace? Allahu akbar....Allah provides, but please provide an end to this fraud of a miserable unwanted tortuous relationship. If If he's getting paid make me a waste of his time. If it's a sick joke thenalmuntaqiim please have the last laugh, Allah.

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You got that right! I was wrong to ever even hope any man would ever love me faithfully in return for my undying love and loyalty to him. Just an empty childhood dream a fairy tale. A lie. It's time I grow up and stop believing lies. No man will ever love me for me. It's time I snap out of denial and get over it. So I got burned in a sick psychotic joke. I should have known better then to trust. My fault. No more tears. Just a dead dream.Thanks for trying though. May Allah please bless you profusely. You are very kind.

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Siter Layla, do not lose hope as it is a sin. Keep praying and seek Allah's mercy. May he guide to the right path. Ameen

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Engagement is not a part of Islam. You started wrong sister.

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