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salamvalekum I am a shia and i want to know why do most of the Muslims HATE SHIA Communities why do they kill innocent shias what have we done?? why are people killed in asian countries only if they shia or their names are that of shia ????

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well there you go. the americans are the ones making pakistanis bomb each other. americans and zionist bomb every ashura and destroy shai shrines. salfists and wahabbists have nothing but love for shias. the zionists and americans whispered in the ear of the mother of the believers to get aisha to attack ali in the battle of camel. wait a second, america wasn't around in it's current state 1400 years-ago. why were the alawites driven into the mountains by the ottamans. why are the ahmadis persecuted.

it's simple. many sunni view any other muslim sects as apostates.

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This is a great talk

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A must read

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I love shias. Allah made everybody. Those who hate shias because they are shias are just ignorant and scared of the unknown. I love Jewish people, too, so please dont hate me for that. I love everybody because we are all a reflection of Allah so I always look for the best in everyone to find the love and positivity in life. My fiance hates me because I have a disease called late onset adrenal hyperplasia so he's out doing whores instead. Life sucks sometimes. So I'm dumping him for the gym and a shotgun for self defense. Somebody always has it worse. Atleast we have Allah to sustain us through the hatred with His love. I love you, Shia people! Even Ahmadinijad and I'm American! Take that, Feds! I love everybody! And you cant ever stop me!

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@Shaaq89, Beloved brother it is a very serious thing when you make takfir on fellow muslims, regaurdless of their madhab the onething that is in common is the shahadah, and this is what makes one a muslim, and the last time I checked the shia take shahadah. I understand how you feel about the companions,but I need the ayahs and the authentic hadith that says we must adhere to the companions sunnah and not to makes one not muslim, or that all of them was pious. Allah azza wal jall has ordered us to send blessings on the Rasul saws and his family, no one else. In my studies I only read what was said about Aisha, and that was do to the war of Jamal, when her and Mu awiyyah waged war against Ali. Now if you would like to debate your position inshallah, I will welcome it. Though I feel your passion I suggest you read sura 33:36, for you last comment violates this ayah. I humbly a wait your response... Salaam

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Brother shaada as taught in Quran and Hadith : لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا الله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ الله (lā ʾilāha ʾillā l-Lāh, Muḥammadun rasūlu l-Lāh) (in Arabic) There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God.

And what Shia's add : وعليٌ وليُّ الله (wa ʿAliyyun waliyyu l-Lāh) ["and Ali is the wali (friend; viceregent) of God"]

First step of being a muslim violated here.

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Second comes Imam e rashideen, Shia's cruse the first three and associate Allah's qualities with the "12 imam's" calling them Alla knowing and innocent. Where as Allah's beloved Prophet PBUH himself did not have any knowledge of the future. He only followed what was delivered on to him by the lord of angels.

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Thrid, the raise finger on Aisha RA. Where as in Qur'an Allah himself says "لولا إذ سمعتموه ظن المؤمنون والمؤمنات بأنفسهم خيرا وقالوا هذا إفك مبين “Why did Muslim males and females not think good in their hearts and immediately said, “This is clear falsehood?” – [Surah Nur, Verse 12]"

And a hidth quotes "والله ما علمت على أهلى إلا خيرا “I know my wife to be only chaste.” [Sahih al-Bukhari, Kitab al-Maghazi, Baab Hadith al-Ifk, Hadith 4141]"

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Surah Nur also sates "الخبيثات للخبيثين والخبيثون للخبيثات “Impure women belong to impure men and immoral men to immoral women.” – [Surah Nur, Verse 26]" So are they calling our prophet PBUH nauzubilla impure?

There are several instances where the shia's prove to be kafir and mushrik. But I am just proving my point here as to why i call them non-muslims.

Hope the answer satisfies you.

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so what should be done with the shias if they are kafir and mushrik?

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@Shaaq,belived please disreaurd my last comment I didn't see your response.. Salaam

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not all people hate shai's. but ur right its probably a majority. see for me, i dont agree with the whole mutaa thing u knwo the one where they can marry u for a few days or whatever i think its the same as prostitution. and im not afraid to say it. but i have a shai friend who is really close with me and shes the sweetest person ever. like i was saying tho, i dont mind shias i mind what they try to make "ok" but then again not all shia do that right? i dont think ull get a straight answer btw. yep. be safe

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Now to address your answer, you are correct when you say that some shia add Ali to the shahadah, but the key word there is some for we both know amongst them there is division just as those who claims to be sunni. What you did was make a blanket statement, you made takfir on all. Next the ayahs you used was dealing with the situation when she was left and the behind by accident and one of the companions found her and caught up with the rest of the caravan, And the companions started the was-was, even Abu Bakr advised the Rasul saws to divorce his daughter. And Allah exnorated her with the ayah. So no one in there right mind can speak on her chasity. So I give you that, but I was talking about is after the Rasul saws returned to Allah and she waged war against his cousin, which is called the war of the camel. Now, when you talk about them curseing the first three khalifahs, which sunnis call khalifah Rashidun rightly guided, you have to look at a few facts, such as,the saqeefah incident, the Fadak incident, the prohibition of the hadith,the calamity of thursday, the army of Usamah,the funeral of Fatima and the miscarriage, and I can go on and on. Inshallah let me give you an example, in sahih bukhari 8.82.817, "Umar stated, The pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr was a Faltah, but Allah protect us from it's evils. Remember that whoever gives the pledge of person, nor the person to whom the pledge of allegiance was given are to be supported, they both should be killed." Now the word faltah means: an imprudent, thoughtless act, or a hasty mistake. In everyday english.a faltah act is referred to as a foolish one, as it is carried out hastily and thoughtlessly and without consideration.

Sahih Bukhari 8.82.817, States, " A man came to the commander of the faithful Umar saying, " O commander of the faithful, what do you think about so and so who says, If Umar should die, I will give the pledge of allegiance to such and such person, as by Allah, the pledge of alleigance to Abu Bakr was nothing but a prompt sudden action (faltah) which got established afterwards? Umar became angry and then said and then said,"Allah willing, I will stand before the people tonight and warn them against those people who want to deprive others of their rights. Umar stood up, and after having glorified and praised Allah as He deserved he said,"I have been informed that a speaker amongst you says by Allah if Umar die, I will give allegiance to such and such person. One should not decieve oneself by saying that the pledge of alleigance given to Abu Bakr was given suddenly (faltah) and it was successful. No doubt, it was like that, but Allah saved the people from its evil, and there is none among you who have the qualitys of Abu Bakr. Remember that whoever gives the pledge of allegiance to anybody among you without consulting the other muslims, neither that person nor the person to whom the pledge of allegiancewas given are to be supported, they both shiuld be killed."

Now I ask you is this rightly guided.True the shia are not right about the 12 imams but the rightly guided are no different !

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r u talking to me?

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No sister I am talking to the brother Shaaq. salaam

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I was talking about that very incident when Aisha RA was left behind. Shia's question her character on that incident. And about shia's the problem is they never admit that they make changes and call Qur'an the book of Uthman RA. But all shia's are same, shia's are who believe in 12 imams and their qualities as Allah and so on. Hadith u quoted, it is legit, no doubt. But i don't get your point behind it. And one last thing, which madhab do you follow?

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@Shaaq89 I have told you my point and inshallah I have explained it clearly, I also have explained about my madhab. I am very interested to hearb how you will respond . Also I'm curious to know what madhab you follow. I humbly await your response. May Allah guide you..Salaam

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@Shaaq. Beloved brother, my point is this, this hadith has two negative affects for the muslim ummah, 1, It confirms, for those whom you say are not muslim, their attacks on the first three khalifahs and authenticates every hadith recorded in the sahih sitta that speaks against what happened at saqeefah and there are many. 2.It makes the term rightly guided worthless for Allah azza wal jall would never send a faltah,a foolish gesture made in haste, as a guidance to mankind. For we know from the last ayah sent down to our blessed Rasul saws that on that day Allah had completed his favor and perfected His deen. (5:3 inpart) Beloved brother, when the khalifa Umar said in the hadith, that you have confirmed is legit,that Allah has saved the people from its evil, is a very serious statement, for we are living in the aftermath of this faltah and we see clearly that his statement is wrong for the evil of the act done in that shed (saqeefah) has caused division and bloodshed. So now I must ask you, is this the actions of one who is rightly guided and if so who is guiding him? Now as far as Uthman goes I understand the reason he added the vowels to the quran, but him burning the copy put together by Zaid ibn Thabbat under the order of Abu Bakr is something I question. Again the sunni give the ones you say are not muslims the weapon to use against them. As far as my madhab, beloved I follow none, I am upon the quran and the authenticated sunnah from wherever it comes. Al hamdulilahee I study to ascertain the facts. And as far as the sunni shia conflict I will let Allah judge in that which we differ. For we both know that Rasul was neither and that is by both definitions of the names.salaam

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First, The hadith does not speak against it. If you are talking about choosing caliphs. the were rightly guided by Allah, since he is the only power to guide. A committee of muslim sahaba's choose the caliphs. It was a haste decision but still i will swear by it, it was not wrong. Dig a little deeper and you will find why. Questioning their decision is not what a muslim would do.

Now you mentioned the last ayat descended was so, now tell me. Calling the Qur'an incomplete be right? Shia's claim it to be incomplete.

You question the legitimacy of Qur'an? or who so ever may do can read this : -Uthman RA added dots, vowels and diacritical marks for better understanding. -Arabic 1400 years ago had 7 dialects -When the Noble Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, it was revealed in Arabic, and in the Quraishi dialect. It was most popular. -Qur'an written down before Uthman RA was altered to have better understanding for the other dialects. Meaning remains the same. -Uthman RA then compiled all of the Surahs (Chapters) of the Qur'an that were already written during the time of Prophet PBUH in the city of Madina and formed what we call today the one true copy of the "Noble Quran". -The order of Surahs was guided by Prophet PBUH. The Qur'an since the time written till date and till the sun burns out will remain the same, since Allah himself has said "We [Allah] have, without doubt, sent down the Message [The Qur'an]; and We will assuredly Guard it (from corruption). (15:9)"

Questioning the will of Allah, decision of Prophet PBUH and righteousness of the 4 Caliphs is not Islam. Islam is to submit to the will of Allah. Qur'an says : 5:92 And obey Allah and obey the Messenger and beware. And if you turn away - then know that upon Our Messenger is only [the responsibility for] clear notification. Hadith quotes : -Sahih Bukhari " Narrated Jubair bin Mutim: A woman came to the Prophet who ordered her to return to him again. She said, "What if I came and did not find you?" as if she wanted to say, "If I found you dead?" The Prophet said, "If you should not find me, go to Abu Bakr." - Sahih bukhari " Narrated 'Amr bin Al-As: The Prophet deputed me to read the Army of Dhat-as-Salasil. I came to him and said, "Who is the most beloved person to you?" He said, " 'Aisha." I asked, "Among the men?" He said, "Her father." I said, "Who then?" He said, "Then 'Umar bin Al-Khattab." He then named other men.

Our beloved Allah's beloved Messenger's Beloved Companions. Respect them. All i would say. You are misguided my friend. I will pray for you. I would refrain from commenting further, it hurts me to read what people believe. And my madhab is Salafi.

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@Shaaq89 Beloved brother, First let me begin, In the name of Allah, next let me inform you that I'am not Shia, so the end of your comment was unnecessary, though I will beg that you make dua for me, but not because I'm misguided for that is far from the truth, with that said lets proceed. To confirm for you yes, I'am talking about the choosing of the khalfah, and from your statment it's a fact that you are talking about two different situations. Now lets start with the first point: The hadith I mentioned, inwhich you have confirmed for your understanding is legit, is talking about the selection of Abu Bakr being the khalifah. Now you claim that a committe of Muslim sahabah chose the khalifs and you encouraged me to dig deeper, now my beloved brother I beg you to take your own naseehah. The next thing is that I didn't quedtioned it I showed you that some sahabah did so and I showed you the excuse Umar gave for the action. You are totally wrong about the committee being put together at this point, just read up on what happened at saqeefah and you will see why Umar said what he said. This is not shia information it is islamic history which no scholar can refute. Brother I have dug real deep,and I agree with Umar that selection of Abu Bakr was a faltah. Sorry brother, I do not ascribe to Allah azza wal jall rightly guiding hasty decesions. You mention it being the will of Allah, but I beg to differ, even the madhab you claim teach that within the Qadr of Allah man has a choice though Allah knows what it will be. What you have done is mix up the Qadr and the Qada, for the Qada of Allah man has no choice, Proof: The word Qada means decree, when Allah makes a decree, the decree is fully carried out, as the Qur'an states, " When He decrees a matter (qada Amran), He says to it kun faya kun (be and it is). 2:117... Within the Qada we have no choice. Now on the other hand the qadr refers to a setting of measures and this fact is confirmed in numerous ayah, 15:4, 15:21, 54:49, 13:38, 44:3-8, 97, to name a few, never will I question any of Allah's or his messenger saws command and statues, but I can and will question the choice of men, and this my brother is islam for you should know that taqleed (blind following) is forbidden in islam. When Allah and his messenger saws says something we hear and obey, no one else! Now if you choose to stand by the choice of men and call it right guidance al hamdulilahee, but don't make takfir as you on me because I don't. Islam is not based off of nothing and no one else but Allah and His Rasul saws. The second point: thr committee you refered to is called th Ashura and this was done by Umar ibn Khattab, and in the gadith I mentioned he laid the foundation for the rules of this committee as you called it , and that was the killing of muslims brothers on the committee if they disagreed on the selection of the khalif after him. Brother I'm not making this up dig deep as you suggested I do, its in the hadith books look for the rules that governed this committee, as you called it, and tell me what part of the Qur'an and sunnah is the rules he put into place. I agree calling the Qur'an incomplete is haram and I don't support it or that mindset wallahee. Also, I understand about the seven harps and that the Quran was in the dialect of the Rasul, I said I understand his reason for the vowels, I questioned the burning of the copy compiled in the reign of Abu Bakr by Zaid. And for the record brother anyone that is rightly guided only do things with Itteebah of the Rasul saws meaning the way he did it or said to do it, for Allah has told us in numerous ayah that he was US WATUM HASANAH, the best example to follow. Anyway else when it comes to Islam is a bidah, and the definition of bidah from some of the Kalaf is and I qoute: imam shafii'a states, A BIDAH IS ANYTHING that has no basis in the Quran or sunnah. Ibn Al Jawzi states, A BIDAH IS ANYTHING that did not exist at the time of the Rasul saws then was latew innovated.... Just to name a few! This means no one can implement anyting into the deen of Allah, NO ONE! And my beloved brother I do respect them , what I don't do is think that they are above making mistakes and following there own desires and if you do then you are no different then the shia about there 12 Imams. You must keep in mind what sura 5: 54, and 3:144, states, also, what is reported in sahih muslim 30.5685. Says and I qoute, " AFTER MY DEATH YOU WILL BE CONSANTLY TURNING BACK ON YOUR HEELS." And he was talking to the sahabah as was Allah in the ayah. And you can't tell me that you ir any svholar can confirm what ones was hypicrites and which ones was not. And that would be what one would become if he turns on his heels. Read sura 9: 101, for this con firms not even our blessed Rasul saws.knew who the munafiqs were. The hadiths you qouted I know them well and I'm not going to debate that but you should know that there are hadiths that says different in the sahih sitta and other books of compiled hadiths and not from the shia. I'm going to end this now, but I want to leave you with something to ponder, It is reported in the sunan of Ahmed that the Rasul saws said," DONOT OBEY THE CREATED IF IT MEANS DISOBEYING THE CREATOR!!!!!" Salaam

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Bro, I am a Sunni, and I love Shias. But our main enemie want to separate us. They like to see us kill each other. The Zionist state is not Jewish, it's Kafir. They also want us to hate Jews, so we appear racist and devilish, they want the world to think about us to be the Antichrists, so next time a Muslim country get massacred, no one really feel sorry. And when a Muslim stand up to fight against the wrongers, they call us terrorists / a religion of war. So they are slapping you and not letting you cry. But Muslims has a high temper and they are fools, they can't read the game which is being played. The Islamic countries together is a major world power, but the enemie cut it into pieces and separated us from eachother, they'r biggest fear is us to unite as we was. But it's hard to do so because we got traitors everywhere. And whenever they see that we are about to organize, they make sure to send some one to organize us, so they have us under control all the time.

Much love to the Shia people, don't listen to the American backed Sunni sheikh's who make unrest between us, and the same to the Sunnis, don't listen to them because they brainwash you also. We are one ummah. Allahu akbar!

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the long arm of the zionists and americans.

(Aug 12 '13 at 16:54) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

Lets not be political with Shia's here. Long story Short : Anyone who doesn't know the importance of Companions of Prophet PBUH and Prophet PBUH wives and curses them is not worthy of being called a Muslim.

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so what was the calamity of thursday?

(Aug 13 '13 at 17:41) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

@abul Rauf What calamity?

(Aug 14 '13 at 01:12) Shaaq89 Shaaq89's gravatar image

@Shaaq the calamity of thursday which is documented in two of the sahih sitta Bukhari and Muslim, is a incident that happened to the Rasul while he was on his death bed. I see that you ignored my comment. I understand, speaking without knowledge is a sin remember that. It is always best to say nothing if what you have to say is not beneficial, especially if what you are saying you can't support with textual proof. It is haram for a muslim to act out of his own hawa desires. Please donot take my reminder in a negative way, for reminding profits the believers. Salaam

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