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Salaam So I have a past of getting drunk at parties, wearing loads of revealing clothing, smoking, flirting, steaming things up with the opposite sex. I lived life to the full, lawlessly and my way. One day I was just curious and decided to research on Islam; which opened my eyes. I am still studying; but when I convert, I will wear the Hijab, which will bring me loads of problems. These "friends" that I had are fake, racist and rude. When they see me in the street with a Hijab on, they will bully me. The boys will call me terrible names. The girls will throw things at me. What should I do? I need to prepare because they're everywhere. They are unavoidable. Should I ignore them and be proud? Should I put my head down and hide? I really don't know. Please help me. Peace Jazak Allah

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Salam, Sister congratulation and welcome to Allah religion of peace... I will advice you just annoy them and feel proud of your self and don't even look at them or walk where they are standing, sister with theses people who letting you down because you chosen islam the way of life indeed the devil is closer to them and they are whisper to their eyes and I also belive Allah has blind the eyes and made them daft in this year to hear the truth.... Sister just avoided them and done you ever out your head down you need to put your head up and show them that you are proud if your self.

May Allah make your difficulities easy for you Amine Salam please remember me in ur dua because you are new servant if Allah who is getting closer to him Thanks

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Thank you very much. I'll need to be brave then lol :)I'll certainly remember you in my dua :)god bless you.

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May Allah's Peace and Mercy be Upon You.

Dear Sister, You might be thinking you are living a bad life. Please avoid that thought. Our beloved Prophet Mohamed had a lot of bad days too. One example is there was a woman who always threw garbage at our Prophet everyday, and then at last, she knew she was wrong.

My suggestion to you is avoid id. Your friends that you call fake will definitely (Inshaallah) understand how they were truly wrong.

Also keep asking Allah for security, as Allah mentions in the Qur'an himself as "The Best Protector--The All Seeing."

Good luck.

P.S. Avoid thinking that I want bad things to you.

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Thank you for answering :) yeah I believe in time they'd understand.. but as the world is deteriorating, Im not sure :p salaam

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