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sihir cause many difficulties in life. i was a victim of it previously, found two tawijs and took treatment from a mufti saheb. after that my family problems was solved by the wish of Allah. from many days i am facing problems again in my marital life and my husband is staying constant on his position and anyway i couldn't convince him to give me some of my rights (discussed in my previous question "do the inlaaws and relatives of husband have right over wife?"). somehow i have known some of the amals can be done at home. reciting some surah and ayats if we breathe on water and drink/bath/use it for 7/10 days then we can be recovered inshaallah. i believe that black magics exist. so i want to get rid of some confusions about this: 1. if we take some portion of this water everyday and mix it with necessary amount of extra water and use it- will it work? or we have to recite it everyday during the treatment? 2. there are some ways to kill the jinns in dreams who are creating problems either by doing sihir or by making asar. i am afraid, is it possible that the other jinns will take revenge? 3. during the menstrual period can a woman use it and will it be effective?

EVERYTHING IS MUST DONE BY THE WISHES OF ALLAH. may Allah help us to get rid from sihir in proper way. please answer if and only if you are knowledgeable person about this topic.

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