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Salaam to all. I knew somebody was stalking me for a very long time but I didnt know he was the man I met and fell for on until he showed his true colors. Now I have to make him realize this relationship will never be. When I realized it was him who had been doing my catty coworkers it ripped my heart and soul out so that I cried so hard for days. I can never trust this guy now, around any women, not even my 22 yr old daughter. I have to move on and find the man Allah has chosen for me, not this horror of a nightmare. Allahu akbar. Atleast now I know. Atleast I have hope, ilhamduAllah. But I still have to make this ogre go away and leave me alone. I need to find my true and faithful husband. My best friend and confidant. My soul mate who I serve and adore with undying loyalty, my trusted mutually exclusive lover. I havent waited 7 yrs plus just to be abused harrassed and cheated on by a sex addict party boy who just wants me to be a mother to his preteen daughter whose blessed mother passed on way too soon. Allah knows all and sees all. I love his daughter and his Mom, her grandmother, dearly, butthey dont know the truth about him. They certainly dont need to know either. But I must back out and move on. With Allah's supreme guidance and wisdom, how?

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....go to the police duh.

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