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Salam brothers and sisters. I have been wearing the hijab for 17 yrs since I was 9 years old. I am thinking of taking it off and wearing it again when I am like 35. I know it's wrong and there is no excuse to justify this. I live in the west and it is so hard and I feel i am different. What will the punishment for this be and can I be forgiven? Should i donate more money to charity? Help me please. I LOVE ALLAH and ISLAM. Peace and happiness to us all. Salam.

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You can never pay off a sin. It is a sin and should not be done. If you are different isn't it good? I would encourage you to cover your head. May Allah bless you with courage and strength. I am pretty sure you don' want to be hanged in hell fire by your hair.

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Yeah. Dont fall in the trap of paying for sin. That's an illusion. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself and dont let anybody change you. I was raised in the US and there is too much freedom here in the sense that welll darn i hear it's like that in Arab countries, too. An underground environment of corruption and yeah. You're not missing anything and it's healthier and genuinely happier to be on the safe side. Allah be praised! Ilhamdu Allah! I'm impressed with your courage to even ask about it. You will find your way in Allah's will. I'm not worried about you. I'm confident you will do what is right for you.

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i think thats silly. and i think if u were to take it off then everyone would think your a follower so if ur doing it for them u should think again and ur not the only one whose worn it since u were young. so have i. so i think u should be a big girl and do whats right. u did say u knew it was wrong so idk why ur asking. theres a bit of tough love for u.

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There is nothing special with the way people around you are living. They are looking at you with jealousy because they will never be able to pull of what you are doing. The hijab signifies strength, courage, dedication, wisdom, and so much more. If they only knew what the difference between showing their hair and not showing their hair they would know how lucky we truly are. I reverted to Islam when I was 22 and I am practicing the hijab now. Now that I am testing what it feels like I could never explain it to anyone. The feeling and the closeness you feel with Allah is surreal. It's hard because you have always known what it feels like so there is no other feeling to compare it to. Just know that sometimes Moslems that are raised in Islam take the gifts Allah gives them for granted. I wish I could just put it on and I have found myself many times putting it on after I leave my parents house. Try to surround yourself around reverts because they are very spiritual and they can put back that excitement in your life!! And you can teach them the religious aspect . It's a win win situation because you need to have a balance between the two. The spiritual aspect of Islam is your relationship with Allah and in order to feel happy with everything your doing you need to get close to Him through a relationship :) I hope this helps and I am praying for you :) ps : I live in America too

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