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Asak, I am Anas, stay in india. last night i had a dream and i do not remember everything which i saw but i remember seeing my mother and father. i was going into my parents room and for some reason which i dont remember started shouting at my mother, my father angrily asked me to apologize to her and then i went to my mom i kissed her feet or hand and apologized to her. I hardly remember if she had accepted my apology or not. Please enlighten me on this. I fear Allah swt the most and i love him the most and i love my parents too. i can never disrespect them, infact i want to do my best to keep them happy. may Allah swt guide all of us to be his sincere slaves and follow the sunnah of prophet mohammad(saw) and love our parents.

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Salam Brother/Sister

This sounds like a good dream

"Good dreams are from Allah

Bad dreams are from shaytan"

but i cant interpret your dream Only Allah knows.

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