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Whenever there is a situation I have always put my faith in Allah s.w.t I have had many problems and have always consoled myself that Allah knows best he will make away or either he is testing me, but recently in my life I had a major problem in which I asked for Allahs guidance I prayed loads and kept positive putting all my faith in Allah but the outcome of my problem is worse i can't even express my disappointment I've even contemplated suicide because I can't believe this could happen. Please don't explain to me how everything is a test I just wanted this one thing so much and if Allah knows that I'll be loosing my faith in him why is he making me feel like this? He hates me? Why would he want me to question islam? I'm literally thinking I don't want to pray or anything anymore!

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@Zaydee beloved,first and foremost, Allah azza.wal jall is Adl just and from what you have described you don't believe this. The second thing is that you must keep in mind what the Rasul saws has said in hadith, " The affairs of the believers are ALWAYS good, if good befalls him he says all praise be to Allah, and if misfortune befalls him he says all praise be to Allah and he patiently presevere all hardship while on that path." Now the key word in this hadith is believer, and every believer is a muslim but not every muslim is a believer. This is confirmed in the quran when Allah azza wal jall told the Rasul saws to tell the dedert Arab not to say they believe for faith has not entered their hearts yet, just say you have submitted. Also, you have to realize what Allah has said in a hadith qudsi,"When my servant ask you about where they are with me tell them that they are to me as I'am to them, if they put me first in their life then they are first to me, and if I'am last in their life they are last to me." So two things you must come to terms with the first being are you a believer or are you just one who has submitted? For the Rasul has told us what a believer does in both cases, and if your speech and actions goes against this then you know what you are. Not trying to be mean but your statment is that of a kafir. And I suggest strongly that you offer tauba. The second thing is where is Allah in your life????? Salaam

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Dont be decieved by the Devil, Shaytan. You were on the right track believing in Allah. You're mind is playing tricks on you. Keep the Faith. Love will see you through. Allah will see you through. Let Him, again and again. You're alright. I love you. We love you. Be loved. It makes the pain easier to bear if you look outside yourself, too, and help those less fortunate. I dont know why but it does. Allah is your friend. Let Him help you.

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Your comments have had no impact I feel worse especially after my statement is like of a non believer. I give up honestly I can't take this anymore I try my best to please god and always put him first i feel like he has betrayed me and doesn't want me I'm think of leaving the deen I've realised no matter how hard I've tried it's for no good. I can't live my life like this. It's making me ill.

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Aha! You want to feel better which is completely up to you. How you respond to your situation is what is important. You know Allah loves you. Perhaps it is someone elses's approval and attention you are seeking. Stay positive for yourself and your family who need you.All things work for the good for those who love Allah. You were on the right track. GET BACK ON IT or believe me from the same exact experience you will only sink into a bottomless pit of self pity and misery with no end in sight except the wrong one you said above. Cheer up whether you like it or not. ;/ It's the right thing to do. Allah may not answer when you want Him to but He will be right on time.

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@zaydee beloved brother I offended you then please forgive me for that was not my intention, what i want you to know is that reminding profits the believers my brother we must hold firm to the rope of Allah but i know with Yaqin that he whom Allah guides no one can misguide but he who Allah allows to stray no one can guide. brother i leave you with this to ponder, A believer plants a date tree seed and fears thorns will grow, a mushrik, munafiq, and the fasiq plants thorns and expect dates to grow. what have you planted in the fertile soil of Islam? and what do you expect to grow? Your words sound like to me that you have made intentions to marry the dunya, bewaRE FOR THE DUNYa will not give up on you until you give up all of your deen as dowery....Salaam May Allah guide you!!!!!

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zaydee bro..before thinkning of all ur probs..think 1st that why are u here?why in this world?Why Allah made u a human?is it Allah's duty to fulfil ur desires?or is it ur duty to fulfill Allah's orders? are u doing all that Allah & Rasool S.A.W.W said? if yes then yes..u shud get angry with Allah..but if u r not Doing it way say thanks to Allah for he let u living..wat u did not have ur hand?legs?arms? think brother....

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i know the feeling, trust me. sometimes i just wonder whats the point! but at the end of the day i know whats right and its my choice, no one can really tell u what u can do, you just have to have faith and work through it.good luck

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