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Alslam Alakum wa rahmthu wa brakathu Imam My nice 45 years old, been sick since she was 17 years old skinny bone.she never got married. The Dr.gave her one to tow months to live. she asked her mother (my sister) to buy her a white wedding dress. and to dress it to her in her coffin . THE QUESTION IS Regarding to shariha (Islam ) can my sister dress her daughter with the white wedding dress,and keep it on her in her coffin and bury her with it. jazak Allah kul kayer.

I. A.

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According to Islam as the wish of the deceased has no affect on the burying rolls, and not violate the shariah, Also it's the wish of this lady. MY sister CAN dress her daughter with the white wedding dress and bury her while she is wearing it as the dress completely decent,and will not show except her face and hands.
I hope from Allah will direct us to the right bath all the times. Jazak Allah kayer. I.A

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