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my question is about certification of halaal meats by islamic standards for the consumer. In my country chicken meat is mostly consumed. There are several muslim large scale suppliers. however my questions are two. 1/ if the ingredients for chickfeed contains any haram materials will the chickens be considered haram and unfit for consumption? 2/ since there are many non muslim factories making chickfeed{protein recovery}should they be regulated by some acceptable standard?

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if you read the certification they give supermarkets and resturaunts it specifically says that they are only fed organic foods meaning no gruel or fat they are not injected with any type og chemicals that explains why the halal meat is typically smaller that non-halal meat and lastly that they were samied on or said to allahu akbak some places display it in public i know that these are the requirments of the american halal certification but i dont know what contry you reside in and i cant speak for them

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