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Hi, I'm a muslim who prays 5 times a day, who read some hadiths and listen to lectures by Khalid Yasin now and then, who fast the whole ramadan try to do good deeds.

Im weightlifting, creating beats/instrumental(music stuff) and try to help at home. I have a good heart and care about everyone, especially my family and mother. and Im only seventeen and I live in sweden.

what I've learned so far about Islam is that you need to do good in life to live a good life. You need to atlest pray 5 times a day to worship the only God Allah. That you need to have and show your pure heart to people in life. And must of all, you need to control yourself from doing haram, looking haram or touching haram. am I right?

am I a good muslim?

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i could of sworn i just answered a question like this not 5 minutes ago, ok ill say it again. no one can tell you whether you are a good muslim or not. because,no one knows ur intention except you and Allah, right? so all i can tell you is to make sure your intention is pure, and keep up the good work :)

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