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Hi, I'm a muslim who prays 5 times a day, who read hadiths and listen to lectures by Khalid Yasin now and then. Im a muslim who fast the whole ramadan and try to do good deeds.

Im weightlifting, creating beats/instrumental(music stuff) and try to help at home. I have a good heart and care about everyone, especially my family and mother. Im only seventeen and I live in sweden.

what I've learned so far about Islam is that, you need to do good in life to live a good life. You need to atlest pray 5 times a day to worship the only true God, Allah. That you need to have and share your pure heart to people in life. And must of all, you need to control yourself from doing haram, looking haram or touching haram. am I right?

so the very question is, am I a good muslim? Because I really think and feel that my life is good as a muslim

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no one can answer that...which is why no one has. people cant judge you from what u say or what they see. only Allah can. its all in ur intention, if ur doing it for Allah then inshallah he will reward you,but it u r doing it for mere mortals praise then he will also be the one to handle it. but good job, keep up the good work and inshallah it will all work out

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thank you brother! It is actually my intention to do all that. I was compering me to the high muslim in Mecca and started to think if I am a good muslim.. even tho I taught I was, I were a bit unsure. But alhamdulillah.. when I saw your answer I felt relieved. Now when I've heard from different people, included you, I feel like a good muslim with no doubt.

(Aug 14 '13 at 16:03) edenhazard edenhazard's gravatar image

im glad :) and mashallah i wish i was like that. be safe

(Aug 14 '13 at 16:14) a_mohammed a_mohammed's gravatar image

In Sha Allah you will be more "like that". Be safe to my brother :)

(Aug 14 '13 at 16:26) edenhazard edenhazard's gravatar image

As-salamu 'alaikum.
A good muslim has the following qualities-
1. Strong iman that can't be uprooted
2. Ikhlas 3. He should love Allah and prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) more than his own life
4. He will carry out the fard, sunnah and nawfil acts in islam with perfection
5. He will strive hard to stay away from sins
6. Repents if he sins and feels guilty and scared to commit the sin again
7. He loves to do good deeds
8. He loves Allah for his bountys and fears him for his punishment
9. He is always optimistic
10. He loves to forgive and is always patient
11. He is never lazy and always keeps himself busy with good deeds
12. He strives hard to acquire knowledge in islam
13. He does jihad with his nafs and satan.
14. Lives a simple life and stays poor by giving charity
15. He doesn't waste time at all by doing useless things
this is just a brief list of qualities that a good muslim has. See how many qualities of a good muslim you have within yourself.

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^this is what we have mods for :P

(Aug 15 '13 at 03:12) a_mohammed a_mohammed's gravatar image

Asalamu alaykum Brother! Good to see ya!

(Aug 15 '13 at 03:16) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image
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