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Can a wife divorce her husband if wife has stopped loving her husband for various reasons?

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When I said, 'huge marriage disasters', I meant adultery, abuse of all sorts etc. and 'I' personally believe males/females both should try their level best to protect their marriage.

Fam, don't think it was directed towards your post. I obviously don't know anything. I was talking how things are generally.

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I understand and I do agree with you. I have been fighting with myself for years and now I feel its time to end this coz life is too long even though we know it is short as well.

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Marriage is based on love and happiness. When Love ends for whatever reason, problems are more likely to arise. I think that if you dont feel happy and satisfied in the marriage you have the right to ask for Talaq. Personally, I would not be bound in a marriage that I do not feel happy in and live life like that.

Again, it depends on the reasons you stopped loving him. Things like adultery, not praying/saum, if he is abusing you physically, mentally, verbally., if he fails to fulfil his duty as husband. For all this reasons, I personally would leave him because I dont want to live in a miserable life in the honor of "protecting marriage".

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I stopped loving him for various reasons (dont want to put down my husband in public) but I lost my love and have been struggling since. I feel I am doing injustice to both of us...also if u dont feel secured in a marriage then there is no happiness??? I feel the same. thanks.

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i think a woman cant divorce her husband because a husband is a master of a woman,in hadith i read that if there is permission to do sajda so ALLAH will order womens to do sajda for their husbands.

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even if is unable to take care of her?

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I read in a hadith where a woman told Rasul (SM) that she doesn't want to do Kufr as she doesnt love her husband and is unable to stay with him. Rasul (SM) asked her if she will give back her Mehr and she said yes. Rasul (SM) immediately instructed her husband to leave her and take back the garden he has given her as Mehr. I want to do the same.

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Zinaa is haram in Islam; therefore you're comment is unrealistic.

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