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Salaamu alaykum brothers and sisters. Every time I pray for rain it happens even in the middle of a drought. Allahu akbar. For 16 yrs I have become a weather prayer warrior. It started in 1997 when I was taking mideastt/african religious studies at U of A with Hurricane Linda..a record breaker so I got scared and prayed it out to sea as it was too much for a landfall. They thought it was going to LA. When I went to Watts (los angeles) there was a mighty hailstorm in 2003. When I went to Oklahoma in 2011 it poured buckets in the middle of a drought. When I was in Tucson Az I prayed Hurricane Nora would weaken and come to Tucson. It did. When I was taken to a US Navy base in 2011 for a "showdown" and a conversation there was an earthquake in Va/DC that rattled the Feds 5.8 mag and oh how I laughed and thanked Allah God Almighty for listening in. One time after I sent Bush an email a tree on the Whitehouse lawn got struck by lightning. Allah is my friend. The Jewish people have Honi the Circle drawer...a weather link. Indigenous Americans believe in calling down rain. Jesus calmed the waters for Allah's praise and glory. Who does Islam have in that respect? Maybe Sufis?

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you should go to africa and help them out. they seem to always be starving do to droughts. can you do anything to end disease. i see polio is breaking out in the ilsamic land of somalia.

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Actually I really wanted to go to alsharq alousat to see if it would rain for the Jordan river. And I researched cancer the P53 apoptosis process and the parasitic nature of cancer cells..but that was as far as I got. Sorry! But Allah is still my BEST FRIEND FOREVER. I LOVE YOU ALL! PEACE!

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wow sister/brother make a dua for me so that Allah will forgive me and to increase his love in my hearth and let my family and me to enter jannah..... just make a good dua for me,orphan and every muslim salam

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Salaamu alaykum. I am very much a sister. Thank you for your kind positive attitude. I will pray a good dua for you. I only use my limited humble powers for good. :) Even though we will never meet in person here I believe insh'Allah we will meet in Jannah.Thank you. IlhamduAllah.

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