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I'm 15 years old, I used to watch models (not pornography) before ramadan, and I told myself to stop watching them so all my sins that I got from watching them would go away, after ramadan, I began to watch them again. How can I stop? What can I do that makes the sins wiped?

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for a 15 years old should be saluted . Allah love those who aware of their sins and try to be good . Allhah is ever merciful. Ask allah to help u and pray Salah 5 times which help you from sinning bcoz salah helps a person to do this type of acts and evil will create fear of allah .

Availability is the big problem ,try to put tv and computer on a shared room so you have a fear of other well

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make wadu to wash your sins and immediately pray salat! do not stop praying your five salatas through which Allah(swt) inshAllah strengthens your heart, intentions and actions to not do so again. And say Ameen. Shaiytan may come to us in many different ways, this is just one. So turn to Allah(swt) not His servants and NOT Satan. Praise be to Almighty, when such sins happen whether small or big make dua and pray with your heart. Allah sees all and knows All. Do not forget Allah(swt). Life is only a test. Hereafter is what you work for.

InshAllah you will find the strength to turn away, I believe so if you believe in Allah. I will make dua too for you.

Jazzak Allah Khair for your post. Be thankful it is not pornography and be thankful for Allah (swt) blessed us with the month of Ramadan which you prohibited such acts of wrongdoing. Don't we all. But we must not give in to satan and continue our righteousness even after and pray our five Salatas which gives us the strength to stay on track, catch up our fasts that we have missed and be practicing with good intensions as well not just in Ramadan but for life inshAllah. Life is just a test. Oh and say Azzobilahi Minash Shaiytaan Nir Rajeem Bismilah hir rahman nir raheem...

I ask for Allah to protect us and give us the strength we need to turn away from shaiytaan.Ameen.

Allah knows Best. Asslamualikum Wa Ramathulahi Wa Barakathu

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