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I am a mehdi boy and want to marry a sunny gril but my father is against marrying a sunny girl. Me and that girl are well educated and settled in our respective careers and we helped each other alot during our struggling days and we have great understanding between each other and to spend our life together. The girl has convinced her parents but i could not convince my parents as my father is strickly against marrying a sunny gril. We both are followers of islam and have not committing any haram. If i marry without informing my parents and in presence of her parents, is such marriage valid. Please help.

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SALAM ALAYKUM, as we are aware, good boys and good girls do not refuse the request of their parents to things that are based on good faith and religiosity. When there is disagreement over the proposal that seems good, then of course the parents of the dissenting party (son or daughter) should defer to the child. And as always in the matters of great importance to one’s life, salaat ul isthikhara (pray for guidance from Allah) should be undertaken. Allah knows best.

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