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Allahu akbar! I'm sorry I didnt make myself clear about my would have been husband. He stalked me for a few yrs first. The police dont help and when I did talk to them bad things happened because their hands were tied and he retaliated to send me a message. I could care less about how much money he has. I' m looking for a man of Allah with a noble and honorable hheart. That doesnt monitor my every move likee mafioso kingpin husband and that doesnt hack my phone and computer. So I cut it off and I'm going to leave Islam as he turned out to be not an Imam as he said he was but a playboy sex slave...not slave to I didnt ask for thi. He came after me. Why I wonder? Maybe because I'm Allah's private stock. ALLAH never fails me. And oh by the way...Snowmageddon Snowpacalypse a few yrs back...i prayed up that one too during the last winter olympics it was, yes. Allah is my BEST FRIEND. Shall I pray to Him to prove this as I am 100% certain He will answer in the affirmative. Thank you for your time and attention. I will now be signing off to start a new chapter in my life. Salaamu alaykum! Allahu akbar wa ilhamdu Allah!!!!

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Allah can do anything He likes. It's alright with me. ;)

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