Salaam. I have been learning to chant asma alhusna with Hijjaz from Malaysia on youtube but at the end after assabur they go into an ending I only have phonetically. I My phone frustrates me with goofy in out reception so here is as far as I got...ul la de lay sa ka me sleyhe shay wa sami al basir Allahuma sol le de asa late ila asad ilm na luka te ka se eedeena Muhammad al wal Allah. Alehe wa sabehe wa say le mu al dadame luu mateka wame da dakame ma tekakul le ma zaka roaka zaki roo de al afwa alzikheri al english it starts Who is no one that resembles Him and He is allseeing sorry! phone tech difficulty! Allhearing o Allah grant blessings and peace to the best creature Muhammad PBUH ...that's as far as I got...please if anybody can interpret and translate I would be so appreciative as I havr memorized written out in Arabic and English the 99 names am confident all the way through chanting outloud even in a redneck trailer park loud and proud on pitch but then crash! For the Love of Allah...what are they saying at the end?! Allah is greatest. Thank you. Ignore this technical difficulty slough...i couldnt get the marker to jump under small screen...all hearingand al

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