Alsalam Aalaykum, From almost two year I met a Muslim man. I started to really appreciate him for his way of fallowing the religion and he the same. We knew that we were perfect for each other because we helped each other with the deen and also because we had the same way of thinking. We had good and mature reasons to choose each other then only love. The problem is, when our families met, his father refused our marriage because of my father’s illness. The only reason for his refusal was that my father has a mental disease and that if we had kids, they had 5% chance to also be ill. I want to say that no one else then my dad has this disease in the family and that the disease can also be developed because of environmental reasons. I want to know if his father has the right to refuse for this scientific reason. Also, I would like to have some advice on what he should do with his father. JazakAllah khayran

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