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i get nasal congestion and common cold if i do wodhu regularly for 4 or 5 days for prayer.what can do in this matter and how can i pray 5 times without wodhu.

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In this type of situation. There is what is called Tayammum.

Tayammum is a short ablution using dust instead of water.

It may be done in place of Al-Wudu(Ablution) or Al-Ghusl(ritual bath) in the following circumstances: A. When there is no water. B. When there is scarcity of water. C. When there is danger in going to the place of water. D. When the water is in a very distance place. E. In case of ill-health where using water would increase the illness or delay recovery. Which is ur case.

Tayammum is therefore to be done only in an emergency. It is valid for only one prayer. It must be therefore be repeated before each prayer.

To perform Tayammum: A. Find a piece of ground which is free of filth. It may be rock, sand, dust, grass or any other natural surface. B. Begin the Tayammum with 'BISMILLAHIR RAHMANIR RAHIM'. C. Make intention in any language, silently saying: 'i intend to do Tayammum to enable me to perfrom a ritual prayer'. D. Press the two hands on the surface of the ground, rock, sand, dust any other natural surface. E. Lift the hands with the palms downward, and gently hit the two palm sides together to knock off surplus dust. F. Rub the face with the hands. G. Press the hands on the ground and hit their sides together as before. H. Rub the right arm with the left hand, starting from the back of the fingers to the elbow and back along the hand, not forgetting to rup between the fingers. Repeat with the othe arm.

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