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Assalamu Aleykum! Should I get pregnant if i don't have the means to take care of my baby? my potentila husband want us to get married and have children BUT he is not financially stable in order to provide for us.And i'm struggling to make a living.On the other side , there is another brother that want to marry me and can take care of me and our children. What should i do? i don't know who to choose between the two i'm getting older want to get married but at the same time i'm scared of letting the first guy go because i don't want to hurt his feelings i'm really confused.

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.....who do u like???

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Sallam Alaiykum, You will hurt the first guy more if you don't let him go! Not only that, you are considering a guy you are not keen on??? Do this man a favour and tell him the truth....then he canmove on and find a woman who will love him and make him happy. You also need to seek your happiness. If the man who can financially support you appeals to you more, than what is stopping you? One piece of advice: Once you make a decision (and duaas will help you here), do not ever look back. Be happy with your decision and do not doubt it. Doubt is for those who can never be pleased or happy.

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