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I am a young man of 28years of age, and i am i a serious mess as am writing this questions. i don't know wherether am losing faith or what to call it.

i cant concentrate on anything that has to do with worshiping again. I dont observe the daily prayers regularly until night when i pray all, all i think about now is sex and other irrelevant issues, i cant wake up night to perform any nafilat prayer, am now somewhat addicted to music.

So many negative changes in my life and am scared. the more i tried to get closer to GOD, the more i fail.

Brothers in Islam please help me before it is too late.

Thank you.

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Get married pray and ask for forgivness say azzudubillahiminalshaitan irajeem you are listining to the devil dont let him lure you in

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I think I can relate to you, I didn't have any faith a couple of years ago even though I was born in a muslim family. My life was, missing something. I know everyone says that, but everytime I was alone I was just attacked by this feeling, a deep wondering as to why i was here, what my purpose in life was etc. The reason was this:

I had NO knowledge of the religion. None whatsoever. I didn't have any islamic people there to influence me, most of my family weren't practising muslims. And it took me months before I had an 'epiphany' really, that was when I first learnt about the 2 following things:

The islamic view on science. Absolutely. Amazing. Things that modern science have ONLY just discovered were there in the Quran over 1400 years ago. It would be impossible for any human to know those things. So the Quran was clearly from a divine source.

And the prophecies the Prophet Muhammad pbuh made about the signs that would happen before the last day. It's absolutely impossible that the Prophet could have known these things. Therefore it was knowledge and logic that bought me to islam. After I discovered these 2 things I seeked knowledge more, and I can honestly say that i have NEVER had any of those feelings that I experienced of emptiness before since I began following Islam. So here's my advice:

  1. Seek knowledge on islam. (I recommend watching - islamic scholars talk about a lot of different issues on there). Read books too (if you go to this link i recommended some books that are useful there).
  2. Attend scholar talks if you can and ask the scholars questions, or search youtube (try this channel: )for videos from previous talks, is also good for this.
  3. Surround yourself with religious muslims, they will be positive influences on you, and try and stop hanging around with people who you know encourage you to do bad things and are bad influences on you. Why not try speaking to a religious person who is close to you, or someone at the mosque.
  4. Pray at the mosque (ontime. Praying all your prayers at the end of the day when you have had time to do it at the correct times is not allowed and i'm sure the prayers will not be accepted. But please look this up, because I have not provided any reference to the Quran/Hadith so you don't want unreliable information.) Also, the purpose of praying at the mosque is to increase brotherhood, when you're praying with a lot of other people you feel strengthened as an ummah and more supported by your community.
  5. Pray to Allah and ask for guidance, forgiveness and faith. Because at the end of the day it can ONLY happen if Allah wills it to.

I answered a similar question a while back in much greater detail, here's the link: (my answer is the 2nd one there)

After you have faith, you will naturally start doing good deeds and become a good muslim Insha'Allah.

I hope this is helpful. If you have any more questions feel free to ask :)

P.s. about the music. I too am trying to stop listening to it, I know that the reason behind why listening to music is haram is because it stops you from thinking about Allah. I went 30 days without it once and then just began listening to it again. I've found that when I have my wudhu I stop myself 'quite' easily from picking up the mp3 because I know that if I do I will nulify my wudhu and so will not get as many rewards when I read my prayers (but again, this should be checked becuase I have no quote from the Quran or hadith to support this. But i know for sure that listening to music is haram) Watch this (it's from a world renowned scholar in islam):

P.p.s I know that there is a lot of information about islam and you may feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start, so here are my recomendations:

  • Listen to and learn one new fact about islam a day. The question and answer sessions are very good, i have learnt a lot from this Tv channel
  • Read books about hell (we are told to remember Allah and death whenever we can. Because it makes us think twice when we are about to sin)
  • Read books about the last day and the signs leading up to it
  • Read about the scientific discoveries in the Quran. I have this book (extremely helpful. and very cheap)
  • Buy some books that you are interested in from here (I've purchased 3 already. 2 of them booklets and they are very helpful, so easy to understand):
  • Always ask for guidance from Allah. For he is the ONLY one who can grant you it.

So to conclude: Learn as much as you can about islam. Knowledge will lead to faith. And faith will lead to good deeds and you becoming a good muslim.

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