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I am a young man of 28years of age, and i am i a serious mess as am writing this questions. i don't know wherether am losing faith or what to call it.

i cant concentrate on anything that has to do with worshiping again. I dont observe the daily prayers regularly until night when i pray all, all i think about now is sex and other irrelevant issues, i cant wake up night to perform any nafilat prayer, am now somewhat addicted to music.

So many negative changes in my life and am scared. the more i tried to get closer to GOD, the more i fail.

Brothers in Islam please help me before it is too late.

Thank you.

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My Dear Brother, First of all have Faith in " ALLAH " , Do not despair of the mercy of " ALLAH ", If i have understood your situation, i think you are trying a overnight change, that will not happen, you have to know " ALLAH " in the first place, you have to study his attributes, in the matters of duniya when you want to acheive something, you will study, analise and work hard to acheive the objectives, likewise in islam you have to work hard, " ALLAH " knows your heart better than you, so ask help from " ALLAH " sincerely, keep the company of religious people, If you are sincere towards " ALLAH " he will guide you. Please dont give up, keep writing, there are brothers whom " ALLAH " has bestowed the ability to answer questions even better.

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Wa aleykum salaam

if i may give this example

"have you ever though that the Day of your Exam?"

if u didn't grasp what am targeting please do write me.

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brother u need to maintain ur time with positive actions ie prayer doesnt always have to b our 5 set prayers wen ever u feel weak we can turn to allah make prayers at times of struggle and if u cant bring urself to do so then make attempts to broaden ur knowledge on our faith... u got to have iman and the right intentions and u really got to want to do it for allah i am no scholar or perfect muslim myself i found myself heading towrads the route u r on now alhamdulillah i found my strenth it wasnt a girlfriend, a best friend, family or job it was my faith and hunger to please allah things have changed for the better in my life ie i have a new job now i enjoy, my circle of associates have changed and my perspection of life has changed i did not have believe or faith in anything at 1 point n jus wished to get smashed every day to block out my problems but wen u wake up and realise its all still there i can only advice u to take the problems head on and pray for the best hope this has given u some hope or faith that there are better times salaamz

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Brother I don't think you understand who you are in the sight of Allah, listen to what Allah says here, [You are the best nation brought forth for the people of the world: you enjoin right and you forbid wrong, and you believe in Allah.] [3 v110] do you understand what this verse means, well it means Allah Has made His Prophet [salallahu aleyhi wasalam] the best of mankind and no one is better then him as Allah says, [He orders them with that which is good and forbids them that which is bad And he makes allowed for them that which is clean and good, and forbids them that which is unclean and detestable.] [7 v157] and this is the highest description that can be attributed to any one like wise the same his followers are chosen out of mankind and they are the best of mankind after the Prophets no other nation that Allah Has created is better then them and this is the reason why all the Prophets made Du'a to Allah to be the followers of Prophet Mohammed [salallahu aleyhi wasalam] and Allah accepted from Jesus [peace be upon him] and out of this nation of Muslims the best were the Sahaba, their followers and their followers and then the rest of the Muslims and Allah chosen all the followers of Prophet Mohamed [saws] until judgment day and they are the best of creatures of Allah and no other human been is better then the Muslims who are the followers of Prophet Mohamed [saws] except the Prophets.

So you see my brother Allah Has chosen you out of mankind to be the followers of His Prophet [saws] and you are pressures to Allah as a single Muslim is better then the Ka'ba and more dear to Allah, so do not look down upon yourself know who you truly are and you are none other then [You are the best nation brought forth for the people of the world] and you are among those whom Allah Has chosen to save mankind with to spread His religion and order mankind to the best of conducts and that is, **[you enjoin right and you forbid wrong,] and also you are. [and you believe in Allah.] therefore, do not allow the devil to confuse you and play with your mind as you are young and have a lot to give back to Allah and His messenger [saws] and Islam and the Muslims too.

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