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I am a newbie on this site. . I am AZEEM from Nigeria. The moment i registered with this site. I became confused of some things. My muslim brothers and sisters or anyone having an answer or a suggestion to my question, please reply me and make my doubts get clarified. What is dating? What is courtship? And what is meant by "having a girlfriend/ girl lover or a boyfriend or boy lover"? I am getting more confused. Make this things clear to me. Thanks.

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The following are defined in the Oxford Thesaurus of English:


Going out regularly with someone who is a close friend, usually of the opposite sex.


The period of engagement before marriage.


The sweetheart; lover; fiancée of a man.


The sweetheart; lover; fiancée of a woman.

The following are not defined, so I would have to guess:

Girl lover:

This expression is new to me. Possibly the female lover of another female

Boy lover:

Again, this expression is new to me. Possibly the male lover of another male

I hope this helps.

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okay. Thanks for ur answer. But is dating in ISLAM a kind of unclean act? And which time is it right for a muslim to court? Is it permissible to have a girl friend?

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Islam has made clear that there should be no pre-marital sex. Also intent is taken into consideration as well; if you date (go out regularly with someone of the opposite sex) and your intention is to satisfy your sexual desires, then that is wrong according to the Quran. If your intention is to find a suitable wife then do so honourably. Most men who have girlfriends do so with sexual intentions or it results in sexual behaviour/sex.

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