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I'm a muslim. i believe that Allah is the one and only. but other than just so...fed up. this is supposed to be the religion of peace! there is no peace. there are people who are dying all over the world from murder, sickness, starvation, and so many other things that arnt natural! how can that not eat at a person faith. i believe in Allah, i talk to him all the time but i dont think im getting the answers... i dont expect to be answered out loud, but id like for at least my heart to be opened... "speaking of misguided. 2:7-10 allah has sealed their hearts and made them blind and deaf. yet he then condemns them to hell for not believing." a man named mike, im sure u all know him by now...posted this...and i completely agree...isnt that horrible? how can Allah close someones heart then slap their hand for his doing? im just so angry! and i feel it all slipping away, im waiting for my life boat and im sinking. let me know... oh yeah i didnt really ask a question huh... ok here is one... "why is Allah cruel?"and he is, he is.hes merciful, and just, but oh so cruel.

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Sister if a person wants to change their ways then Allah would change the condition. The ultimate choice is ours. Allah knows what choice we will make. Example. I smoked. I told myself I wanted to quit but that was about it. Cause I really didn't want to quit. I just knew it was bad and that I shouldn't do it. Then I really wanted to quit. I tried and failed . Tried and failed. And then I quit. Just like that. Cold turkey put it down and didn't pick it back up. Alhamdulillah. Allah removed that dirt because I really truly wanted to change. Understand that the people who have sealed there

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Eyes ears and hearts asked for it. So Allah gave it to them. If they decide to stop following their own false desires and worldly ways they could have the truth!. Allah does not set us up for failure we by our own hands destroy our own souls. Salam my sister and much love .

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mhm thanks

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gods are designed to be cruel to influence behavior. what is the one thing we all have in common. death. so to get people on earth to behave more kindly to each other a punishment after death was invented to modify behavoir. and a reward was also thought up. and when you want people to die for your cause you give the martyr the greatest reward. valhalla

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a_mo, it just hit me driving to ups to ship some packages. a life boat. you got to build your own life boat in this world. i missed your life of pi referance. be like pi. right.

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mhm next thing ull know is ill be eating some cranky mean old man :P

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Allah reply to our will/wish/intention.. if someone want guidance, Allah will guide him.. and if someone want misguidance, He will misguide him. The disbelievers and the hypocrite did not want to hear/see the truth so Allah replied to their wish and sealed their hearts so they do not hear nor see the truth.

Listen; "(if)Had Allah known any good in them, He would have made them hear. And if he made them hear, they would have (still) turned away, while they are refusing."(8:23)

"in their hearts is disease, so Allah has increased their disease..."(2:10)

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"To each(category) we extend- to these and to those- from the gift(donning) of your Lord. And never has the gift(donning) of your Lord been restricted." (17:20)

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what if u truly want guidance. and ur not getting it... then what :)?

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Your faith has been shaken and you stand on the edge of a precipice. Maybe you are young or perhaps just disillusioned by events that you see and notice around you. Whatever has driven you to the point where you are at right now will need some serious and honest effort on your behalf so that you re-frame your thinking. Alhamdilollah you know and firmly believe that Allah is one. Now regarding all those events that are happening around the world and disturb you, please have a look at their nature. These can be basically divided into three categories: those that are direct actions of man, those that are accidental (man is involved directly or indirectly) and those that are an act of nature. A very important point for you to note is this: Allah has given us free will and He will judge us according to our actions and choices. We always have a choice. Most choices are quite clear in their value, that is, they have either a negative or a positive outcome. We are accountable for our choices. Allah will guide those who turn to Him, this is without a doubt. But the intention when one asks Allah for this guidance has to be sincere. Many acts of human terror and suffering are very much the result of man choosing to inflict this on others. Those whose actions fall into this category are those that are lost. Allah will deal with them most rightfully. We do not have to worry ourselves with their judgement, it is not within our capability. The second category, the accidental occurrences are those that are just that...unintentional but circumstantial. Allah knows best in dealing with these. Your strong belief in Allah’s uniqueness and might should reassure you that He knows how to best deal with accidental/circumstantial happenings. No one will be dealt with unjustly by Allah. Acts of nature is the third category which once again, Allah knows best. Why do some of these things happen? Read the Qurán and see what is said about Allah’s power when it comes to punishing people. His will is unquestionable; His power should never be doubted. What you need to understand is that our ability to reason and understand is so limited. Your trust in Allah should help you become a stronger believer. As for Mike, whoever he may be, let me tell you that the reference to 2:7-10 Allah has sealed their hearts and made them blind and deaf... is not to be interpreted in the way you have chosen. Rather, what it means is that Allah knows in advance those who will not accept guidance. These people will never accept guidance even if given second, third or numerous chances. These people choose not to. So Allah says that He has sealed their hearts and made them blind and deaf. He did not do that because He is cruel or to stop them from following the right path. On the contrary, He is the Most Merciful, Most Kind.

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"So Allah says that He has sealed their hearts and made them blind and deaf. He did not do that because He is cruel or to stop them from following the right path. On the contrary, He is the Most Merciful, Most Kind." so why did he do it?


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The intention of their hearts ask for it.

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so let me see if i'm following this concept of qadr. it's new to me so please bare with me. god creates all things. heaven and hell, angels and jinn, man and woman and the physical universe/earth. so angels are in heaven and the jinn are on earth, except iblis he gets to hang in heaven. angels have no free will but jinn do. god creates man and tells everyone to bow to him. iblis refuses to god casts him into hell. but then he let's him out. so iblis and other shaytan go around wisphering in man's ear. causing mischief and homosexuallity and people to disbelieve. but before you are even born

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god knows who is going to believe and who isn't. so the ones he knows aren't going to believe he seals there hearts because their hearts, which he created are asking to be sealed? or because their hearts are listening to the evil jinn who god also created? so the god of mercy the most beneficial puts people he knows are going to fail on earth for 10, 25, 50 maybe 100 years and then condemns their eternal soul to a lake of fire for endless torment.

"Allah does not set us up for failure", sounds like a set up to me.


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why were we created anyways? if we were created to bow then why did he create those that he knew wouldnt? y!?

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