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Okay, first and foremost, am I conspiracy nutter? No. I am a truth-seeker.

Illuminati exists. Whether you like it or not, Illuminati/Zionism did/does exist.

I love Islam and there are signs and symbols where we know Illuminati exists and The same is for Christianity, the bible mentions things regarding illuminati. I'm just thinking, how can both books speak of these signs? And the bible goes deeper and speak more on these illuminati stuff. (note: it talks about 666 which the Qur'an does not and the 666 is being portrayed by the music industry who are controlled by Masonic figures today) The Quran has several miracles that the bible doesn't have. I love Islam and I know Islam is the truth due to all the signs of the seas, the mood, the Earth But how comes there is nothing on illuminati?

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the illuminati folows the anti-Christ :P and u have to remember there are some things in the old testament that are correct because it is a book from god right? but the new bible has been changed right? by people who shouldnt mess with thing, people who destroy things. and maybe, the quran was decided not to focus on these things because they are not important. the only thing that is important in this life, other than the signs and what nots. are our actions.... and the lessons the quran teaches is supposed to help us....dont u think?

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I have offered several translations of Al-‘Imran 54 and nothing will be gained by offering more.

The words are what the words are. The fact that they do not support your prejudice is very much your problem.

The words of the Qur’an are the very words of Allah (Subhana wa Ta'ala); and nowhere does He say: ‘I am a liar!’

What Allah (Subhana wa Ta'ala) is meaning in this verse (and in others like it) is very simple. It is this:

No matter what hardship others put against you, place your trust in Me. I will guide you where you need to go, and no one can prevent Me.

Do I think that He would plot against me, or deceive me? No! And I have 68 years of experience to justify my trust.

I’ve nothing more to say on this matter.

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