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How come men can marry a Christian or a Jew but women have to marry Muslim men?

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Im new to Islam & to this. .. Ahumdullah. . Just looking for the truth. ..

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Its because as woman we tend to want to follow and please our husbands right?. Spiritually we have to have a strong connection. And the husband does have a upper hand sort of speak. So if the woman is Muslim and the man is not. There is a way bigger risk of her leaving the deen. At least of he is a Muslim and needs to improve then the wife can push him to do Better . Men can because of the upper hand. The woman can see what he does in Islam and want to adhere to it or at least respect it. Do you see the woman fighting with him? Or the man fighting with her over the deen?.

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In more cases than less the woman ends up having the worst support from her husband and since he isn't Muslim he doesn't even give her her rights as a Muslim woman.?! The foundation isn't firm . Im not saying that there aren't some Muslim woman who have strong enough iman to not allow it to effect her Islam but it would still effect her marriage and way of life and that's not fair.

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yeah. its cuz the children will follow the father, meaning she should marry a muslim so her kids are muslim.

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IN prophet Muhammad s.a.w time there is no train buses planes they use to travel from camels for war or other purposes it takes lot of time to reach destinations and Islam is not reached fully so that why its allowed men to Marry Jewish and christian girl . it is not permissible for a Muslim men or women to marry non Muslims either Jew or christian . only Muslim Men in case if he didn't find a Muslim women then he can marry christian or Jewish girl which is very rare these days . it is recommended/order of Allah for to marry a Muslim.

As far as Muslim women is concerned men is always dominant in case of power and strength, and can dominant ,he might harm u or make ur children a non Muslim and every non Muslim is in hell fire do u love 2 see ur kids and husband hell fire. see quran 2:221 and by a marrying a non muslim u r putting yourself in a great trouble your iman is in danger and when iman(belief) goes hell-fire is the destination

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So a Muslim must marry a Muslim or else they gonna make the other become a Muslim?

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