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we need to sort out some sort of issues on plant a tree a day green engineering plant approaches, funding on global warming and especially all the stuff on greenpeace environmentalists say the planet only has 400 years

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Like all other inhabitants of this world, Muslims do have a responsibility towards conservation and the well being of this planet. In fact, they should have a much deeper appreciation of protecting and preserving every resource on our planet, renewable or not. Our deen is based on appreciating and respecting every living and non-living thing that Allah has created, including the environment. So, when I see a brother or a sister open their car window only to throw out unwanted rubbish, it tells me alot about their appreciation of Allah. Every Muslim should be a good role model for others and through their thoughtful behaviour, encourage others to do the same. Teaching our children to be responsible global citizens of is every Muslim's duty. So go ahead and continue with your interest and good deeds in this area as it is a part of our deen.

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