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The fact that you had premarital sex is wrong. Bro, the problem isn't your girlfriend, it's how you're going about the whole thing. How can your girlfriend take Islam seriously if you don't? Lead by example, don't be a hypocrite.

With that said, the Quran says "let there be no compulsion in religion". So let her be, just do your thing and be a devout Muslim. If she is a true Muslim then Allah will guide her to the right path if he wills. If not, then you have to decide whether or not you want to marry her. Which is why you have sex AFTER marriage.

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????????what does that have to do with what was written above!?

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Salam sis. The poster probably edited their question and then closed it. Salam

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oh :p well what a silly thing to edit it to

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Zayed, you have made an amazing transition in your faith and its practise. Alhamdilollah and you are on the right path. Your transition as you say, took 10 months so please note that it didn’t happen overnight. Was your ‘girlfriend’ there for you and supporting you throughout this time of change? I have a feeling that she was as the undesirable behaviours which you mentioned would not have been in any way relationship strengtheners! Now you are focusing on your friend’s behaviour and are anticipating fast changes. Inshallah, with your support and encouragement, this will formalise and both of you will feel stronger in faith. But, you need to be patient. This is her call and it has to come from her heart and will. In your case, your intentions were sincere, from your heart and so Allah SWT helped you and provided guidance. If her intentions are coming from the same base, then you have nothing to worry about. But do provide support and encouragement. By the way, also, try to hide your friend’s shortcomings; it is better for us Muslims to do this. Allah SWT will hide yours on the Judgement Day. Be patient, observe what progress is being made and as you plan to wait for a number of years before getting married, you always have a choice in whether you go ahead with this. Remember, a partner is for life, this should be every Muslim’s intention when they form the bond of marriage. Thus the partner that you choose should reflect similar strong values and degrees of deen as you feel you have yourself. Inshallah, you will be pleased with the guidance which Allah SWT provides you with through your sincere duas.

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