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Salam! Whay do we(muslim) congrigate on friday?not satrday or sunday?

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I have no correct answer ever since i convrted to Islam and my wife asked me this same quastion as to why we muslim met on friday?

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i was once listining to a lecture and the sheikh said allah created the universe and time and everything else and when allah created us allah said be and it was there so allah decided why allah created us why we have certain fetures evey animal what eats what and no one knows why allah is free to do what he pleases why is makkah the most holy place even before there was a building there why do we pray on fridays i mean Allah had to pick one day and allah knows more than we do and allah is more knowledgeble then us so some things are out of our comprehention so "allahu a3lam" is what we say and inshaallah if we even meet our lord we may ask

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Allah messenger [saws] have said all the days was showing to me and I saw Friday to be clean spotless except a black spot in the middle and was told that is Judgement day, Allah Has created Adam with His own Hands on a Friday, and on a Friday he came down to earth and on a Friday Allah accepted his repentance and on a Friday he died, and on a Friday Judgement day will occur.

Therefore, Friday is the most especial day and the most cleanest day out of the rest of the days, and the reason behind it why we gather and pray together similar to the two Eids as a celebration is that it was the day when Allah created mankind with His Hands and that day Allah accepted Adam repentance and for these two reason should be enough for us to celebrate and thank Allah and Allah Has kept this day for the Muslims only that is why you find the jews and christians have a different days which they got it wrong because they too were seeking for this day of Friday.

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Rasulullah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said: "Friday is the best of days. It was on this day that Hadrat Aadam {A.S} was created, it was on this day that he was granted entry into jannah, it was on this day that he was removed from jannah (which became the cause for man's existence in this universe, and which is a great blessing), and the day of resurrection will also take place on this day.

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