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If an animal slaughter without saying anything or reciting anything, is it ok for Muslim to eat? I am asking this question because in china people doesn't believe in any religion. So they don't say anything or recite dua like Muslim or Hindu or other religious while cut or slaughter an animal.

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Look, if you are living in a place where there is absolutely no access to hallal meat, then yes but do say Bismillah as Allah knows it is from circumstances and not your preferred choice to eat this meat. Allah does not intend to make hardships for us. By the way, you do know that meat of swine is not permissable, full stop. I hope this helps you to whatever degree it may.

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Again many many thanks for your answer.

(Aug 23 '13 at 08:31) Faruqe Faruqe's gravatar image

You are most welcome.

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No, it is not permissible for a Muslim to eat meat that has been slaughtered without Allah's name being pronounced during slaughter. The animal must be slaughtered in a certain way. Allah's name must be pronounced as it is He who gives life and He in whose name it is allowed to be taken for food purposes. Allah SWT is the creator of everything.

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Thanks for your answer, now i have clear idea about this issue. one more query if a muslim eat those kind of meat by saying "Bissmillah"or in the name of "Allah" does it ok or still not permissible.

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