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My husband said that I ll be divorced if I intentionally flirt or give a flattering comment to a man ( stranger ) in future. He even said that if i already have given such a compliment or flirted with a man after marriage before the day he said so I will no longer be his wife and i will be divorced. He told me that intentionally but when both of us were alone. There is no witness. So if i did or do will i be divorced?

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???? ummm so...hes saying...if u flirt with other men, he will divorce u?

(Aug 22 '13 at 04:49) a_mohammed a_mohammed's gravatar image

He said that if i have ever flirted or given a flattering compliment to a man after marriage i ll be divorced. He said that after 4 months of marriage.

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mhm...well...u shouldnt be flirting with other men anyways...but i think hes going a bit over board...good luck with that then (y)

(Aug 22 '13 at 07:14) a_mohammed a_mohammed's gravatar image

Your husband can only divorce you for something after you have done it. It has to be something that is major and unforgiveable. He better be sure that you have flirted when he accuses you of that and there better be witnesses. Some men seem to be dishonestly focused on finding any small thing that they can so that they can achieve and justify their goal of divorce. Of course these men want everyone to think that it is the woman's fault. Allah SWT has given men the option of declaring divorce but He dislikes divorce. So what men must realise is that there is an enormous amount of responsibility that comes with this option of divorce declaration. Unless a man has a major problem with his wife, he is to try every avenue possible to work on saving his marriage. Marriage is not a short term situation but for life.

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Assalamualikum Sister,

It is always wise to consult with a sheik or scholar. But from my knowledge you need a few witness in order for the thalak (divorce) to be valid). you must also be separated for atleast three menstrual periods for the thalak (divorce) to be valid. And in the separated period you must be separated and not be living, continuing as a married couple.

Another important point you must remember:

Thalak can only be valid if it is not forced when uttered. It is not to be uttered through anger, resentment or regret. Nor should be be uttered mistakenly and wrongfully. It must be clearly said with the intention of saying it for valid reasons. As I mentioned earlier, consult with your sheik and please research further as when talking about divorce or thalak it is a very serious situation and Allah (swt) does not take such things lightly. It is a punishment for a man to get back with the ex wife once divorced therefore the women must remarry and sleep with that man and then divorce again if they intend to get back to their previous ex husband. And this is a very deep saddening situation which one man and their wife cannot bare. So make sure you do not commit sins as such again and prevent it in future, seek forgiveness from Allah and your husbands and he too must do the same. In Islam both wife and husband must fulfil their duties and more importantly work together for the deen (Hereafter), love one another and raise their children accordingly to Islam protecting them from going astray. Please think carefully when it comes to these situations.

Asslamaulikum AND Allah (swt) knows best.

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Alhumdulillah that's right... great advice there its advice I too will take on aboard. Allah Knows Best.

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