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Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters. My husband told me that if i talk to someone I will no longer be his wife and i ll be divorced. But I talked to that person without caring that I ll be divorced or not. But later I confessed to him and he said that it is OK, he did not Divorce me, he did not had the intention to Divorce which i know he had, and then later he want to take me back. We both re-pended the marriage by Allah as a judge without going to court because he divorced me without a witness. I would be very grateful if you could answer my questions as soon as possible so that i do not do a mistake or our marriage is not broken. because i want to live with him.

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Wa Alaikum Salaam Sister!

I do not think that the divorce was valid

Your husband could have been mad at the time and did not mean it.

May Allah grant you success in your marriage

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