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I recently found out somone i know that is a muslim has been doing very bad stuff in school and i see how her father works so hard for her education and despises the act she is doing and when he comes home she dosent even listen to what he asks her to do and it breaks my heart to see how long and hard he works for his disobedient daughter to go to school and do a very bad sin he once caught her in the act and promised that he wouldnt pay for her education anymore if she does it once more but i found out she does it everyday so should it be my duty to tell her parents i belive that they shouldnt pay for her collage anymore if all she does is skip class to do that sin but is in any of my buisness what is the ruling on telling on somone in this situation in islam

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thank you for your answer I know she will be angry for a very long time as i took your advice but im very happy that she is no longer in the enviroment where she kept sinning

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Allah says in the Qur'an, [You are the best nation brought forth for the people of the world: you enjoin right and you forbid wrong, and you believe in Allah.] [3 v110] An also says, [Believing men and believing women are the protecting friends of each other: they enjoin right and they forbid wrong.] [9 v71] Allah tells as we enjoin good and we forbid evil however way that it is possible if you can stop evil and enjoin good with your own hand then that should be done, but if you can not do that then you should by speaking against it, and if you can not then you should hate it from your heart of that evil, but if you can do something about it in order to change the evil and you decided to not to act then know that you will be sharing that sin the others are doing for simply watching it happen.

For this case if what she is doing is evil then the ruling would be to stop that evil however is possible and that of your capability, if you tried to prevent her doing it and she did not listen then you have no choice but to inform her parent because if you do not inform her parent and you keep silent then know that you will be sharing her sin that is because there is something you can do to save your sister in Islam, so without hesitating you must inform her parent before it is too late for your sister and she ends up in a wares situation than she is in now.

And may Allah reward you for your concern and for your kind heart as you have the quality of a good Muslim as Allah have said, [Believing men and believing women are the protecting friends of each other] may Allah have mercy upon all of us.

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I saw somwhere that your supposed to hide your brother or sisters sins is it true in this case

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You are not allow to hide something that is not hiding as she is doing this on outside her house she is doing it in public places, therefore, can not take the ruling of hide your brothers sin and even then if the sin can cause more harm then should not be hiding.

Therefore, she has no excuse except that she should be corrected and Allah knows best.

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