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I'm a tenage with mush sexual desire, and i never comited zina or any act of mastubating, but i find it difficult to stop watching phonograpy, i try my possible best to stop visiting wedsite that i should not my visting but i could'nt help it, please help me with some advise on how to overcome my desire.

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Asalam alaikum. I suffer from the same problem and I learned a lot from these bad habits. It is like a drug. When a person cant quit drugs he/she goes to rehab to stay away from the drug so they are no longer dependent of the drug. That is the same thing you need to do. Turn off your electronic devices and do something that will keep your mind off of watching porn, such as reading a book, reading the Quran, studying Islam, reciting the Quran. Technology is one of the tricks of satan to keep you from learning the truth. fight him by constant remembrance of Allah. He is not strong your iman is weak, and the only way to get strong iman in Allah is knowledge.may Allah have mercy on you and all the Muslims in the world. Fast on Mondays and Thursdays also. Ask for forgiveness and ask god to make it easy fighting your addiction.

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yes i agree with the above post Availability of the things such as personalized things laptops,internet mobile , television in yr room , internet cafe ,hotspot other software i am also one addict of this now i m fighting with this addiction and i won .no internet mobile,computer in shared room no internet cafe . no buy cd,s pray salh and read Quran its definitely help . no masturbating good lol

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