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I never speak to any of my female colleagues and always avoid them recently one of my friend made a comment that you run away from females not due to fear of Allah but because of your fear and inability to communicate with females. That comment made me think whether he was correct or not. after lot of self realization i have concluded that my friend was not wrong. One of the reasons i do not communicate with females is i dont think it is right to speak to "ghair muharram" females as per our deen but this is not the only reason what my friend was telling is also correct i am scared and also lack the ability to communicate with females.

They say where there is emaan there is no place for fear and inferiority complex. To get rid of my fear and inferiority complex i think i should communicate well with the opposite sex and once i get rid of my fear i can alway keep a distance from them

what do you suggest

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Why would you be scared and lack the ability to speak to females? You had no trouble communicating with your mother, grandmother aunties, cousins, sisters perhaps if you have any. Females are not to be feared and should definately not give any male an inferiority complex! Please! Where is your idea of females coming from? Now the only reason why you should be cautious is that there are many different kinds of females out there...just like there are many differnt kinds of males. There are those that care not much for deen and are fixated on gaining benefits from whatever male they can fool. And ther are those that are guided by their deen and their hearts and Allah guides them to a worthy partner. When you need to comunicate with females, you need to lower your glance and be respectful. You cannot avoid them in everyday life, but you can limit interaction to what is necessary to get you through the day. The trouble with persistant interection that some men seek is that Satan is continuously looking for ways to trip you up and mislead you. But if you follow the advice of Allah SWT and the advice of our prophet, Mohammed SAW, you will be rightfully guided. But don't fear females. One will be your best companion one day, inshallah.

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