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Salam, i would like to know if there is sin in a person playing or plying in bed to do some actions or acts like seeing a woman then see him self (have sperms come)

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brother watching sinful acts is wrong ..... u can pleasure urself but if u r watching bad thiongs or thinking them ur intentions r not too pleasure urself.... releasing this temptatuion is good as it will jkeep u away from girls etc but if ur watching or thinking sinful things ur making a haram act.... hope this is of help but im no scholar so double check with som1 salaamz

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Brother you are concern to be asking this question, and at the same time something tells you deep inside you what you are doing is wrong as this is the FITRA Allah Has created in us and that is to know wrong from right and to know the clean things from the unclean things, so for you have asked this question but yet you know the answer.

To answer your question you have committed two sins, the first one is that you have made and created the out come that had led you and caused you to be releasing your sperm, and that is you have chosen to look at a naked woman which is a sin that had led you to the second sin, which is that you have caused yourself and played with yourself in order to release that stress you have put upon yourself.

So your answer is that it is HARAM to watch naked woman and it is HARAM to fornicate with your own self, and you should repent to Allah for both sins. However if a brother is in prison then his situation is different and out of fear of a greater sin may be allowed and Allah knows better

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