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You know if God is perfect then why should people fear him?

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We fear Him because we have no power but by Him.. in His hand/ability our life and death, happiness or misery. If he will, He will let us enjoy his mercy forever and endless donning/provision, and if He will He will cut His mercy from us and so we are losers.. and have no other ally/helper but Him.

The people who think that they have any power let them stop the death when it comes to them!

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Imperfect creatures fear the perfect being. This is obvious.

But the "fear of Allah" doesnt mean like be afraid and cover in fear shaking etc. It means only be afraid of doing evil. So "fear of Allah" means not being afraid of anything else. Its a discipline.

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OK so fear of Allah means fear of doing evil. Then take those words said: "Fear of Allah" and "Fear of doing evil." Is it the same?

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"He loves them and they love Him.." (3:54)

The Quran frequently speaks of the love of God for the good-doers in (2:195; 3:134; 3:148; 5:13; 5:195) the repentant (2:222), those that purify themselves (2:222; 9:108), the God-conscious (3:76; 9:4; 9:7) the persevering ones (3:146), those that put their trust in God (3:159), the upholders of justice (5:42; 49:9; 60:8), and those who struggle in the path of God (61:4).

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I am gonna ask a question here, gonna make a new topic.

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OK but Quran does not say nothing about loving Allah. It says you shall fear him, when you do that you get farther away from him.

And why do you want to get farther away from something that is perfect?

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Again Flanders you speak without knowledge, what is your point??????????????

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Two times in the Quran it says: "He has prescribed for Himself Mercy" 6:12

And He gave you from all you asked of Him. And if you should count the favor of Allah , you could not enumerate them. Indeed, mankind is most unjust and ungrateful. 14:34

Part of perfection is to not to like evil. Allah loves those who repent, those who fear Him, and those who trust upon Him.

Fearing something does not take you away from it. I fear Allah. It brings me closer to Allah by obeying Him.

Islam is "Only Allah has the right to be worshiped. Muhammad is His messenger and slave."

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In the name of Allah, the most kind, the most merciful.

Allah is perfect. He does not die. He is just.

Belief is between fear and hope. We are afraid of Allah's punishment (hell). We hope for paradise and forgiveness.

There are different types of fear.

One fear is to be afraid of displeasing someone. We are afraid of displeasing Allah because we love Him.

Another type of fear is being in awe of Allah's might and power.

Allah knows best.

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