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Does it mean anything if let's say I was sleeping and I suddenly woke up and when I looked at the clock , it showed 3.33 am . Does it mean anything ? Is there any precautions that I should take ? I hope to hear from you soon .

Wassalam, Nura

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It's a time to read thajud prayer, think u r lucky n offer 2-12 rakaats of nafil namaz it's very helpful

(Nov 23 '13 at 09:54) ayesha123 ayesha123's gravatar image

Sorry thats jst normal.nothing 2 fear.

answered 201 Ali%20A%20Mohamed's gravatar image

Nope its normal but u should have read fajir if it was time to read it.

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Read fajir ? What is fajir ? Did you mean fajar ?

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no, it doesnt mean anything. Just turn onto your right, read the dua for sleeping, and go back to sleep. ignore your superstitions.


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