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It has been asked who created Islam? I ask you what is Islam? I humbly await your reply.

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hmm Just take the word Islam, it becomes the number 54. The number 54 can you multiply like this 5 + 4 = 9. In Christianity the ninth commandment is: "You shall not bear false witness of your self."

Then think a little about that... In Islam it is allowed to lie. Is it not? And when you use the word "Islam" you find out the number 9. And the number 9 is from the ninth commandment in Christianity... I am just trying to guide

Then why is it allowed to lie by Muslim people? Just saying

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@Flanders I'm not quite following your logic, however, whatever it is it didn't answer the question, be that as it may, you say Muslim are allowed to lie, and you are saying in your logic that islam is the religion of lies. It has been reported by Abu Hurayah that the Rasul was asked by one of his companions," Do muslims fornicate, he replied yes but he must repent: Do muslims steal, he replied yes, but he must repent:Do muslims lie, No he replied a muslim should not lie." I believe for I donot know you are speaking about Taqqiyah and that is when conceals ones faith for a number of reasons.

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This practice is used by mostly shia. So I ask you again what is Islam...

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I can not say, for you can not read.

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Ok you say I cannot read then I will get someone that does, so do post your answer to the topic. It is ok not to know.The problem is when you know nothing and then you speak without knowledge. From the sounds of it you are a christian, if so I'm good with that, for the quran orders me to talk to you in the best of manners. Salaam

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You seem like a nice guy, so I am gonna go hard on you. Can you answer my question asked about the Quran? Those important things in the Quran?

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Inshallah I will answer your questions, what are they and where have you asked them?

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There is something whether we believed it or not called "the Truth". And Islam is simply the inclination and surrender(submitting) to that (one/only) Truth. and so becomes safe.

(if you want I can tell you about some of it) the Truth is that Allah is our Creator and Creator of everything and we will return to Him after this world. Allah is one and single and nothing are equal to Him.. he has no father or mother or son.. he created everything including the Time and Place.. so there is nothing before him and there is no place will include Him.. higher is him than our imagination.

As we could not know his characters by our own brain until He send us a message to tell us about Him. So He send to the people all over the time prophets and messengers as He chose with His message.. so people might know Him and believe in Him. and get them out of the darknesses of ignorance to the light of Truth. So Allah willed to send us(our generation) the seal of prophets Muhammad (peace be upon him) to all people with the clear message of truth. so we believe in Allah and His angels and His books and His prophets and the day of Judgment and the Fate.(and that is the belief/Iman)

Islam is based on five pillars; witness/shahada that there is no deity but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. (la ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rassoul-Allah) 1. establish the prayers(5 times aday) 3. Giving Charity/money to poor 4. Fasting the month of Ramadan 5. Pilgrimmage to the Holy house/Kaaba, for ones who were able to find a way to it)

It is my pleasure to answer any of your questions, if you still have any.

Thanks, and good luck in finding/following the TRUTH.

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Brother the end of your post is the haqq for islam is the five pillars and this is confirmed in the hadith of umar ibn khataab.... salaam

(Aug 25 '13 at 12:40) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

Everyone wants the truth. Don´t they?

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Yes we do. And brother yaqin can read there is no need to be rude. That being said Islam is not falsehood. For if it is falsehood then you must say All the books (torah,gospel,Qur'an) are False. Now would you really say that?! Moving on if you don't believe in One Prophet of the one true creator of the earth then my friend you deny them all. Why do I say this? Because the bible had/ still has the one message Allah has sent from day one to the last day, the bible speaks about Muhammad sallalllahu allahi WA Salam . Comes from Jesus' mouth allahi Salam. Flanders I would love to see your answer

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With texual proofs of what is Islam. Peace be with you.

(Aug 25 '13 at 13:58) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

No I am not rude, it can seem like that because it is easy to get that way without seeing the person you talk with. I don´t think Islam is falsehood, but Muslims should see more then they already know

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Elaborate because see more than you know doesn't make sense. To be honest I think its the other way around. Islam is complete it completes all revelations. So what do Muslims not see?.

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Can you study the Quran for me? Can you do the same with the Bible? Ohh you are confident that Islam is complete. OK I can say for whom is it?

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Flanders you are a follower of Jesus pbuh yet soo quick to judge me. Hmm that's ironic isn't it. I was raised Christian. Prayed in the name of Jesus and worshiped him as god in the flesh. I have red the bible. And no offense I understand it better than you do. That is not judgment ots obvious. Now when your ready to let go of your self desires and want the truth and nothing but the truth , I will be here. Salam

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Ohh what I can tell you about the Quran, no I don´t judge. I just are interested in making Muslim´s see what I can see... So you were raised Christian, but changed to Islam. So you understand it better than me you say. Do you understand the Quran better than me also?

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I will come back later...

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