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Is kissing the black stone an act of worship ?

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@Ifram please pose this question to your mutfi. I will await the reply. Salaam

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Yes. (kissing it and not worship it)

One of the friend of prophet Muhammad(Omar ibn el khatab) used to say; "truly, I knew that you are a stone that does not harm nor benefit. and if I did not see prophet Muhammad kissing you, I would not kiss you."

Prophet Muhammad told us that it is a stone from heaven.(may be it is went down with Adam)(but surely it existed since the time of Ibrahim and Ismail.

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@inclined2truth I know of this hadith and it is Ahad hadith that has not made it to Mutawitr,this is troubling to me especially in light of the catergories of shirk 1) shirk ad du'a 2) shirk al niyya 3) shirk at ta'a 4) shirk al muhabah. These four catergories of shirk, according to the scholars, is shirk al akbar. Great shirk, the first is to supplicate to anything but Allah, the second one is to make intentions or determination in acts of worship to anything accept Allah, the third one is to give authority to anything against the orders of Allah, the fourth one is to show love that is due

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Only to Allah to anything bedides Allah. This fourth catergory is what has me perplexed about the kissing of the stone which has been held in high regards during the times of ignorance. Muslims come around the world and get in to a frenzy to kiss a rock. Ok it is said that it came from the heavens and there are thousabds of meteorites that fall from the heavens are they given such sacredness as to be kissed. Kissing is a form of love and gratitude, and muslims do this on alone hadith? Keep in mind what the Rasul saws has said that he feared most for his ummah is Shirk ul khafi, and he

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described it as such:" A black ant on a black rock in the thickness of darkness." Meaning it is there but you will not know unless you do a very intense investagation thus shining light on the rock. Please beloved brother provide me with some more proof than what you have for that doesn't suffice me and I'm deadly afraid of shirk in any form especially shirk ul khafi. I humbly await you response..Salaam

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Brother Yaqin, wa alaikum el salaam. There is no shirk.. but such things is made holly because Allah made them holy, or by another word; because its relation with Allah.

for example, The Book of Quran is holy not because its paper and ink ut because its containing the words of Allah.. so it holy I can kiss and will treat it as a treasure/holy thing. it is not shirk, right?

Also the prophets and knowledgeable people are holy because their hearts carried the knowledge and word and verses of Allah.

The mosque is holy. we call it the house of Allah, because inside it we remember/pray to Allah.

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@inclined2truth, I'm not quite understanding what you are saying, in relation to Allah,the quran being holy is due to the fact that it is the words of Allah, the masjid is holy for it is the house of Allah. But the stone is sacred why???? Because it fell from heaven to mark the spot to build the kaba, brother I love islam and I'm really confused about this and no one I asked gives me a satisfactory answer, I need textual proof, I heard the qiyas of many knowledgeable muslims. Until I recieve inshallah when make hajj I will not partake in that. Salaam

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@Irfan Alam Brother can you please pose my question to your mufti I will humbly await your responce. Salaam

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Here is one search of information. Now the question is is this a sound hadith? Praise be to Allaah.

Kissing any place on earth is bid’ah (an innovation), apart from the Black Stone. Were it not that this is following the example of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), kissing the Black Stone would be bid’ah too. ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) used to say: “I know that you are only a stone and can neither cause harm nor bring benefit. Were it not for the fact that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) kissed you, I would not have kissed you.” Hence it is not permissible to kiss the covers of the Ka’bah or its stones, or the Yemeni Corner, or the Mus-haf, or to touch them with the intent of seeking blessing from them .

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@inclined2truth, according to this hadith that the beloved sister posted, kissing the quran is a bidah. The point I brought up about this hadith being a Ahad hadith that has not made it to mutawitr, has been overlooked in our discussion. You said that Allah has made it holy, chapter and verse please. And please give another hadith from the salaf, tabi'in or at tabi'in that coincides with this lone hadith by umar ibn khattab inwhich both of you used. I humbly await your reply. Salaam

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I did my own research and I found that all the hadith pertain to seeing umar saying what he said and then kissing the stone. There is another rrport from tirimdhi but all of the hadiths go against the quran. I'm going to stop here and wait for a reply....salaam

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Then its bidah to do it brother.

(Sep 03 '13 at 10:38) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

Here is my stand mike on this subject

(Sep 06 '13 at 16:36) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

Yaqin can you answer this with the haqq . I tried to vote my answer down will you do that also. We need the bad answers voted down and the good ones voted up. Salam

(Sep 06 '13 at 17:01) sadie ♦ sadie's gravatar image

Is it an innovation

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