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hi brothers and sisters... i need some sort of advice..... i have been with my x girlfriend for 2 years........ we are no longer in a relationship....... but however we have contact on the phone and its not any sort of sinful conversation...... jus hi hellos and byes....... i love her like crazy but know i shouldnt talk to her or contact her with bad intentions or have thoughts of sinful acts....... i really wanna stay in contact with her but have been told that men n woman should not talk..... is our contact wrong or haram if if we have no bad intentions or thoughts of each other.... i really dont wanna stop talkin to her but if its haram i dont wanna sin ....pls help me as i think she is the 1...

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that isnt true soot almar'a awrah, the womens voice is a awrah you cannot speak with her unless it is when you ask for her hand and she is asking questions determining whether she wants to marry you and a mahram must be there it dosent matter if you think shes the one in islam when you want to marry somone you ask for their hand you speak to her once with a mahram present and then she agrees or disagrees the thing your doing is equal to saying its okay to date people because you might end up marrying them because they might be the one this is wrong istaghfar to rabna cut of all contact with her unless you are asking for her hand and if she says no no more contact at all and if she says yes you cannot speak to her untill the sheikh prononces you too are married then you may speak to her we dont have an engaged era where you speak to them before the wedding unless your talking about the state marrige

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Assalamualaikum my brother. i advise you to go see and ask any imam about it. do you believe that you already make a right decision? or you just wanna pretending that nothing wrong you have not an imam my self. but i can only advice you as a of muslim. it is not me to judge you or to punish you. im not a God. Rasulullah SAW said, translation; "There is no religion for people who do not understand." so ask my brother, so you dont get lost. insyaAllah.

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thank you for your advice.... me and my soon to b wife only mantain contact if a member of her family is present... thank you so much for this advice as i want to see heaven and dont want to do wrong in this akhira... salaaamz brothers and may allah reward you for your advice and insight in my situation

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question: can an intented person speak by telephone,send message,write on internet with his or her intented?is this helal?what is the station about people who are not engaged people?ıf they dont touch each other can they meet? answer: bismillahirrahmanirrahim

these people are not married and their relationship must be like their relationships which are with other people. sure engaged people will meet,speak and study for know ecah other.but ceratinly they wont be alone.they cant converse like married.

woman must be covered.they must not be unceremonious and a third person must be with them.

they can speak by telephone and send message ıf they deference this rules.

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